The first ‘Digital Wednesdays at the Green Lemon’ seminar of 2023 of the Digital Eye Observatory features Jaime Martorell

  • The Commissioner for PERTE Microelectronics and Semiconductors has given a seminar entitled ‘PERTE Chip in the international context of semiconductor policy.’

The Green Lemon building hosted today the second of the ‘Digital Wednesdays at the Green Lemon’ seminars of the Digital Transformation Observatory “Digital Eye”, the first of this year, which was given by Jaime Martorell, Commissioner for Microelectronics and Semiconductors PERTE. The seminar was entitled ‘The PERTE Chip in the international context of semiconductor policy’.

Martorell explained the details of PERTE Chip, which aims to strengthen the design and production capacities of the microelectronics and semiconductor industry in Spain from an integral perspective and to favour national and EU strategic autonomy in this sector, in line with the recently proposed European Chip Act. This strategic project is expected to mobilise a public investment of 12.25 billion euros until 2027 and in turn, trigger a significant volume of private investment.

PERTE Chip will be developed around four strategic axes that cover the entire value chain of the industry in different phases: conception, design, chip production and boosting the manufacture of ICT electronic products, so that it acts as a generator of demand for the microchips produced, and boosting the semiconductor entrepreneurial ecosystem. This comprehensive vision will have a multiplier effect on the Spanish economy as a whole. In this context, it will also be vitally important to train specialised talent, particularly at the University of Malaga, the next generation of professionals in this area for Malaga TechPark companies.

Digital Eye Seminars

The Seminar Plan for 2023 will take place on the third Wednesday of every month, in The Green Lemon space, and will cover both transversal and specialised topics in the field of Digital Transformation. The next seminars will be: the Digital Kit (national and regional grants); in March, 5G; in April, Artificial Intelligence; in May, Digital Transformation in the Aerospace Industry; in June, Cybersecurity; in July, Big Data; in September, Blockchain; in October, Cloud Computing; in November, Internet of Things and, in December, Digital Transformation in the Civil Service.

About Digital Eye

El Observatorio Digital Eye, puesto en marcha conjuntamente por Málaga TechPark y la Universidad de Málaga a través del Vicerrectorado de Empresa, Territorio y Transformación Digital, persigue ayudar a empresas, organizaciones e instituciones en materia de transformación digital. En este contexto, Digital Eye se crea con la finalidad de integrar y concentrar esfuerzos en esta materia, así como de realizar funciones de difusión, fomento, formación, asesoramiento e innovación tecnológica en esta área, conducentes a un mejor posicionamiento estratégico y toma de decisiones por parte de las empresas e instituciones con implicaciones en el sector.

The activities carried out by the Observatory focus on four main objectives:

  • To function as a meeting point to identify future trends, emerging technologies and their impact on the business fabric.
  • To act as a core generator of valuable information for technological development.
  • To act as a training point for continuous adaptation to the digital transition.
  • Actively promote cutting-edge ideas and projects for technological development.