The Polish company Hicron establishes itself in Malaga TechPark

  • The company is a provider of SAP and other Information Technology solutions, with a team of experts with unique skills in the world of advanced technologies.
  • The company intends to generate 13 jobs at the Malaga headquarters in 2022 and to reach 38 in 2024

The Polish company Hicron has just announced the installation of a Delivery Hub in Malaga TechPark. Hicron operates internationally, providing IT and business services to large and medium-sized companies based around the world – in Australia, the United States, the Middle East and Europe. It is specialized in the development, implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions operating in technologies such as Java, .NET, Kotlin, Angular, React, vue.js or node.js. and cloud solutions such as AWS and Azure, and with DevOps technology. Apart from a daughter company in Spain, Hicron has subsidiaries in Australia, Switzerland and three offices in Poland.

“In compliance with the company’s strategy, we work globally, supporting our international clients in optimizing their business processes through the use of IT tools. In 2020, we started building a small team in Australia, and in 2021 we went a step further in development by implementing an investment in Malaga. With a view to our development ambitions, the opening of an office in Malaga allows us to more effectively achieve our ambitious goals, responding to the needs of our clients”, explains Michał Guzek, CEO of Hicron.

The objective pursued by the company in the Malaga capital is to increase its capacities to generate new developments for its clients, while at the same time investing in new markets that continue their upward growth trend.

“We perceive the opening of the office in Malaga TechPark as a milestone in the history of Hicron”, says Szymon Włochowicz, COO of Hicron. “Choosing a location for our investment, we considered a great many criteria, such as a friendly and stable business support environment, potential for access to talent, and unlimited possibilities for infrastructure expansion. At the same time, we wanted to choose the country which belongs to the European Union and has good air connections with other countries. Malaga TechPark and the city of Malaga is the great answer to all these requirements”, he concludes.

The choice of Hicron to establish its headquarters in the PTA has been considered an attractive place to work, both for local employees, and to act as a magnet to attract talent to Hicron and Malaga.

Hicron intends to generate 13 jobs during 2022 and they aim to reach 35 IT employees together with administration personnel in 2024, through professionals with experience in the sector and the incorporation of new employees from the university community.



For more information about hiring and development of Hicron, you can contact the company at or with Málaga TechPark at