The UAD360 Conference celebrates its 3rd edition in a great cybersecurity event in Málaga

  • The UAD360 2023, which takes place on 16 and 17 June, expects to bring together more than 300 professionals in Málaga and will feature 13 speakers, the largest number of speakers in its history. All of them are renowned leaders in the cybersecurity sector, such as Bernardo Quintero from Google.
  • The UAD360 2023 conference is organised by Hispasec in collaboration with the University of Málaga (UMA). Moreover, the conference has once again been sponsored by important companies such as Koodous, Fortris, Cajamar, Freepik Company, XM Cyber and Eset, which have also collaborated in the conference.

The UAD360 conference turns Málaga into the capital of cybersecurity for the third time. The main private event regarding cybersecurity, now in its third edition, expects to bring together more than 300 professionals on 16 and 17 June 2023 at the School of Computer Engineering of the University of Málaga. The two-day event will have 13 speakers, the largest number of speakers in its history, ranging from military experts in cryptology, such as Pablo López, to analysts such as Raquel Gálvez, from Hispasec. On this occasion, Bernardo Quintero, who will be part of the event for the second time, will give the final speech to bring the conference to an end.

After its creation in 2019, the UAD360 celebrates its third edition as a big consolidated cybersecurity event in Málaga, a meeting point for professionals of the sector where they can discuss together the industry’s current affairs. The conference has once again been organised by Hispasec in cooperation with the University of Málaga (UMA). Furthermore, the UAD360 2023 has also been supported and sponsored by renowned companies such as Koodous, Fortris, Cajamar, Freepik Company, XM Cyber and Eset.

There will be many specialised topics to discuss in the event, where professionals such as the lieutenant colonel Pablo Álvarez, from the National Cryptologic Centre, will talk about military cryptology. In addition, Pablo Candell, aka S4urOn, a security researcher, will explain the vulnerabilities in aircraft. Finally, among the relevant current affairs, Enrique Rando, from the Andalusian Digital Agency, will present the Andalusian Cybersecurity Strategy.

In every edition, the speakers of the UAD360 change and talk about new issues, all thanks to the Call For Papers process applied by the organisation. Thus, for the first time in 2023, pentesters such as Raquel Gálvez, from Hispasec; José Luis Sánchez, from Blackberry, and Damián Ruiz, CISO at Singular Bank, will participate in the event. Experts such as Daniel Romano, Javier Guerrero, Javier Rascón, David García and Daniel Echevarri Adastra will also join the conference.

“We are now in our third edition of the UAD360, so I think we can already say that this is a veteran conference and a must-attend event of the sector. We are once again increasing the number of speakers, all of whom are of high level. And it is a good sign that some of them want to repeat, such as Bernardo Quintero and Sergio de los Santos, who were already at the first edition,” says Fernando Ramírez, CEO of Hispasec, the company organising the conference and the one that offers the main cybersecurity newsletter in Spanish for free, called ‘Una Al Día’. “Everything we wanted to accomplish when we created UAD360 has already been achieved, now it is time to think about the future,” adds Hispasec’s CEO.

‘Una Al Día’, genesis of UAD360, is the longest-running cybersecurity newsletter in the Spanish-speaking world, considered a benchmark in cybersecurity due to its reliability and consistency. This newsletter is also the reason why Hispasec, one of the most veteran and consolidated companies in the sector, was founded. The company continues to offer the Una Al Día service for free as part of its commitment to society.

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.Bernardo Quintero. Google.

.Sergio de los Santos. Telefónica Cybersecurity & Cloud Tech.

.Daniel Echevarri Adastra. Freelance pentester.

.Pablo López. National Cryptologic Centre.

.David García. Telefónica Tech.

.Pedro Candell aka S4urOn. Security researcher.

.Javier Rascón. Malware analyst.

.Javier Guerrero. Netskope.

.Enrique Rando. Andalusian Digital Agency.

.Daniel Romano. Security analyst.

.Damián Ruiz. CISO at Singular Bank.

.José Luis Sánchez. Blackberry Cylance.

.Raquel Gálvez. Hispasec.