AERTEC renews its corporate identity

The international Spanish technology company based in Malaga TechPark renews its corporate identity to emphasize its aeronautical and technological character.

“We are facing a global renewal, the environment has changed and so has AERTEC. The company therefore needed to better communicate what it already is, and now is the time to do so”. With these words Fernando Martín, AERTEC’s Director of Marketing and Communication, announces the launch of a renewed corporate identity that from today is already part of all the company’s communication channels.

AERTEC changes its identity, but maintains its brand. An evolution in line with the transformation we are experiencing at a global level, both from a social and human point of view, as well as from an economic point of view, in multiple sectors. Especially in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors, areas in which AERTEC has proven experience and a national and international positioning that it seeks to reinforce with this change of identity, in addition to its strong technological character. Hence its slogan Let’s talk aeronautics, which will continue to coexist with the new Knowledge-based technology & engineering, which summarizes its specialization in a sector in which it possesses expert knowledge.

The logo evolves towards a much more modern image, with greater impact and better brand recognition, opting for a simple and refined design that adapts better to any type of support, but at the same time “more powerful, more flexible and easier to remember”, says Martín.

The Spanish technology company started in Malaga in 1997, and today it has consolidated its position as a highly specialized engineering company in aeronautics, aerospace and defense thanks to the development of proprietary technologies and innovative services that have strengthened its position as a technology partner.

AERTEC is currently made up of more than 600 professionals and has offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.


AERTEC is a multinational consultancy and engineering firm specialised in aeronautics Founded in 1997, AERTEC is currently active in airports, aerospace and defense. In airports, it is positioned as the most aeronautical engineering company, intervening in the study of investment, planning and design, advising on airport operation and improving the passenger experience. It has carried out projects and studies in 40 countries, it participate in the world’s largest aerospace programmes and has reference projects at 160 international airports

It is a preferred supplier (Tier 1) of AIRBUS in manufacturing engineering services and program management for its civil and military aircraft. Its participation in the world’s major aeronautical programs, such as the A400M, A330MRTT, A350XWB, A320 and Beluga, among others, is noteworthy.

In the aerospace industry, it designs, manufactures and deploys systems for the digitalization of work environments and automation of functional tests, under the global concept of the smart factory.

It designs on-board systems for aircraft, unmanned aerial platforms, and high dynamic vehicles, both civil and military. It has light tactical RPAS of its own design and technology, such as TARSIS 75 and TARSIS 25, for observation and surveillance applications.