Malaga TechPark increased its employment to 20,345 people over the pandemic year

Velasco emphasizes that Malaga and its technological park continue to be “preferred destinations for starting business projects”, as demonstrated by Dekra and Google.

Málaga TechPark increased its employment of 0.36% over the last year, reaching 20,345 jobs (57% men and 43% women). Its companies stand at 621, 18 fewer than in 2019 due to the disappearance of the service sector and entrepreneurs located in the technology precinct; and turnover has also recorded a slight decrease of 3%, totaling 2,104 million euros. Since the beginning of its activity, the total revenues accumulated amounted to 29,908 million euros.

This balance of results has been announced today at the board of directors of Málaga TechPark, chaired by the Minister of Economic, Rogelio Velasco, who said that this year-end “shows the resilience of the park in such an adverse year marked by the Covid-19″.

Velasco stressed that Málaga TechPark has adapted to the new circumstances, with the implementation of teleworking in almost 90% of its companies to continue with their activity, thus avoiding losses in productivity and performance of companies”. In addition, he explained that the park has continued to develop a strong international activity, which “has helped to strengthen its position in Europe and other global markets”; and has advanced in various future projects such as the Rosalind building and the Innovalia Technology Center. To all this is added, as stressed by the head of Economic Transformation, “the creation of its new brand and the club of entrepreneurs representing the 50 largest companies in the area”.

In his view, “Malaga and its technological park remain preferred destinations to settle, to start new business projects and this offers opportunities for the future at a time when it is necessary to revive the economy and create quality jobs”. In this context,  Velasco has given as an example projects such as the multinational Dekra, which will install its new global hub of digital technologies in the enclosure, or Google, which has chosen Malaga as the site of its future International Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity.

On the other hand, Rogelio Velasco explained that his department continues to work “to energize and strengthen the innovative ecosystem that make up the science and technology parks in Andalusia, of which the PTA is an indisputable pillar”. He has also emphasized the support given by the Board to this area with the presentation to the ‘Next Generation’ Funds of the ATIS project (Andalusia Intelligent and Sustainable Territory). This initiative contemplates an investment of 960 million and includes actions to connect and transform the spaces dedicated to R&D&I through the improvement of collaboration spaces.

R&D investment

Regarding the R&D investment made in 2020 by the companies and institutions, this indicator amounts to almost 89 million euros, which represents an increase of 5.84% compared to the previous year. Similarly, the number of employees dedicated to research and development also increased by 3.7%. On the other hand, public aid for R&D reached five million euros in 2019, 14.89% less.

As for attracting European Funds, 44 projects have been identified with a budget of 415 million that can obtain Community resources in the next framework in the field of digitization, R&D, re-industrialization and industry and efficient and sustainable development. Within this European framework, the participation in the Innoinvest initiative stands out, which is developed together with technology parks in Poland, Tallinn and Germany and aims to support entrepreneurs in the field of globalization in investment.

Málaga TechPark Execs Club and Digital Health Forum

During the confinement months of 2020, the Málaga TechPark Execs club was launched, made up of fifty business leaders from the enclave. Its members, which also include the University of Malaga, seek to share ideas, concerns and proposals in the meetings that are organized periodically.

At the end of the year, Malaga TechPark, the University of Malaga and the Regional University Hospital launched the Digital Health Forum with the aim of covering different projects related to the digital transformation of healthcare, a business area of growing interest for the technopolis. Around twenty companies are participating in this initiative. The park is also one of the 15 members of the Consorcio.

Innovalia Malaga

The technology park is one of the promoters of Innovalia Malaga, which was born as an innovation center and aims to become the first node of a network in Spain and Europe in close cooperation with the E-Digital Innovation Hubs. It is oriented to three high potential areas: microelectronics (specifically microprocessors), digital technologies (Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, connected vehicle and 5G+) and digital technologies applied to industry 4.0, aeronautical systems and health. The initiative is integrated by the Malaga TechPark Execs Club, the University of Malaga, Ametic and the Barcelona Supercomputer Center and is supported by the Ministry of Economic Transformation and the Malaga City Council.