BIC Euronova’s innovative companies generated 225 jobs in the midst of the pandemic

BIC Euronova

The business incubator BIC Euronova, based in Malaga TechPark, which this year celebrates 30 years of activity as a pioneer European Business and Innovation Center of Malaga, presents its 2020 balance with very positive data.

The innovative companies housed in the European Business and Innovation Center (CEEI) of Malaga BIC Euronova, based in Malaga TechPark, generated in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, a total of 225 jobs. These data, result in more than 5,200 jobs generated by the total of the 507 innovative companies housed in BIC Euronova throughout its existence.

With these figures, BIC Euronova consolidates its position as the pioneer incubator of innovative companies in Malaga in supporting the creation, incubation, consolidation and internationalization of innovative companies, which this year will celebrate 30 years of activity. In 2020 BIC Euronova selected and hosted 5 new innovative companies in its center, counting over the past year with a total of 36 companies housed in its facilities, 9 of them of foreign capital; to which should be added another 33 housed in its virtual incubator and 5 in the Coworking space. Thus, last year the average occupancy rate of BIC Euronova was 80%.

It should be noted that after the outbreak of the pandemic, BIC Euronova adapted to the context by COVID-19 developing various free online actions to support the business community in Malaga, such as webinars, virtual meetings, advice, support, international visibility of the services of its innovative companies hosted, support in attracting funding, round of investors, etc.. It has also adapted the facilities of its European Business and Innovation Center with the recommended health measures and protocols.

In 2020 BIC Euronova signed an agreement with Byevolution Creative Factory for the joint management of “Keireitsu Forum Andalucía”. Following this alliance, in October last year they held the first “Keiretsu Forum Andalucía” in Malaga, where Andalusian startups presented themselves to more than 130 international investors for a private investment round.

On the other hand, it should be noted that more than 25% of the companies in the park are or have been at BIC Euronova, a percentage that highlights the high survival rate of the companies that have been incubated at BIC Euronova, which is around 80%.

Similarly, BIC Euronova in 2020 was part of the Air Andalusia – European Digital Innovation Hub consortium, in addition to continuing as a partner in Spain of the prestigious Skydeck accelerator of the University of Berkeley in the United States and has the approval as an International Soft Landing incubator granted by the US National Incubator Association (InBIA).

Given BIC Euronova’s international vocation, in 2020 it continued its strong commitment to the internationalization of companies, thanks to its alliance with the European BIC Network (EBN). Likewise, 15 companies supported by BIC Euronova participated in international projects and another 2 were supported in softlanding services. At the same time, BIC Euronova promoted entrepreneurship in Costa Rica, Egypt, Jordan and North Africa. Similarly, during 2020 BIC Euronova was a member of the Joint International Strategy Group (GEIC).

In terms of projects financed with European funds from different calls of the European Commission, BIC Euronova promoted a total of 6 in which it participated as a partner, including BIC For SME (training for business innovation), FIBIA (social innovation), SME4SMARTCITIES (smartcities), GOSUMP (sustainable urban mobility), EasyRights (access to rights for immigrants) and The Next Society (entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa).

Since its foundation in 1991, BIC Euronova has maintained the EU|BIC brand granted by the European Commission, through EBN (European Business Network), as a quality mark in the provision of all its services. A mark, which has been renewed in 2020 for five years until 2025 and that offers a guarantee of compliance with the competencies linked to the performance of a European Business and Innovation Center (BIC) or BIC (Business Innovation Centre).

In 2020 BIC Euronova continued to host the headquarters of ANCES, the National Association of Spanish BICs, chaired by the CEO of BIC Euronova, Álvaro Simón de Blas; who in April 2020 was also elected President of Club Euronova, a club of innovative companies.

Among other data from the past year, we highlight 120 entrepreneurs assisted by BIC Euronova, 7 companies supported in digital transformation, 50 companies/entrepreneurs mentored, 13 companies supported by BIC Euronova in attracting funding for 325,000 €, 36 companies mentored by the team of consultants of BIC Euronova and 24 consulting contracts executed; data that are part of the activity of the CEEI/BIC Malaga in 2020.

In addition, BIC Euronova offered 24 organized business events, 4 Technology and Innovation Breakfasts, along with an online Open Day. Apart from continuing to bet on innovation and entrepreneurship as a Jury in the spin off awards of the UMA, in which it participates since its inception as a promoter of the same, promote the third edition of ANCES Open Innovation, while serving as a jury in the Entrepreneur XXI Awards again in 2020. It also continued to actively promote and participate in the activities of the Euronova Innovative Companies Club.

Finally, as Corporate Social Responsibility actions, BIC Euronova collaborated last year with Aldeas Infantiles, the Association of Plastic Artists of Malaga (APLAMA), with ASIT in solidarity collection of computer equipment, also promoting the collection of bottle caps for charity, in addition to participating in social innovation projects FIBIA and EasyRights.