Cybersecurity company Hispasec will boost its growth in Malaga TechPark

The local technology company Hispasec, one of the leading references in Spain in computer security, returns to the park, setting up its own headquarters in line with the company’s growth.

In the last months, Málaga TechPark has been adding numerous outstanding incorporations of leading technology companies. One of the latest companies to join the more than 620 installed at the park is Hispasec, one of the national benchmarks in cybersecurity.

Hispasec’s origin date back to 1998, when it was founded with the aim of being the first company in the country to offer cybersecurity services. At the beginning of this century the company was based in the park, and years later one of its divisions was acquired by Google.

After more than 20 years in the sector, Hispasec continues to spearhead the cybersecurity sector. Its objective has always been to offer professional services to companies and to create innovative products within cybersecurity.

In this context, Hispasec’s relationship with other companies belonging to Málaga TechPark is essential. For Hispasec, Málaga TechPark is a first class technological nerve centre with a wide range of services that is, without a doubt, the ideal location for the company’s current growth moment.

“We are in a period of expansion where our move to Málaga TechPark offers the possibility of growth that the company demands at this time. We are also trying to ensure that all of us who form part of the company have a space where we can feel comfortable. feel comfortable. For this, both the park and the office have the space and the ideal environment to meet these objectives”, Hispasec states. The company has doubled its workforce in the last two years and has similar growth expectations for the coming years.

Hispasec is not only a company that works at an international level, but also focuses on the development of the ecosystem at a local level, which is why it has several clients in the area surrounding the park. Being part of this technological ecosystem allows the company to interact much more closely with its current and potential customers.

Through its brand protection services, technical audit and cybersecurity training, Hispasec lands in the park presenting itself as a company that helps the rest of the ecosystem to protect itself against cybersecurity attacks, to shield its brand and its impact, to keep its data and infrastructure safe and to train and cooperate so that cybersecurity is an integral and native part of its business strategy.