Grupo Aire invests 2.5 million euros in its new DPC in Malaga

  • The company adds this new Data Processing Centre in Malaga TechPark in addition to the ones in Talavera de la Reina and Elche.

Grupo Aire, a group of telecommunications companies whose philosophy is based on constant innovation through technology, has invested 2.5 million euros in its first Data Processing Centre (DPC) in Malaga. The new facility, which is located in the Malaga TechPark, was inaugurated at a ceremony attended by Raul Aledo, CEO of Grupo y Aire and Aire Networks (the fourth largest wholesale telecommunications operator in Spain); Rogelio Velasco, Regional Minister for Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities; and Felipe Romera, Director of Malaga TechPark. This DPC has become a nerve centre for both next-generation cloud services and connectivity at national level, and strengthens Malaga’s role as a strategic enclave in the Information Technology sector. 


Grupo Aire’s new Data Processing Centre joins to those of Talavera de la Reina and Elche in a firm commitment to regionalisation and localisation to promote the delivery of services and infrastructures to companies in a cloud environment. To this end, Grupo Aire has a complete and differential portfolio of cloud services that it makes available from the new DPC in Malaga to large, small and medium-sized companies and public administrations in the Andalusian Autonomous Community and neighbouring regions that need local data centres. 

The CPD is located in Malaga TechPark, a strategic hub for innovation and technology, and will have a direct impact on the local economy of both Málaga and the region, boosting the development of companies in the sector with a more competitive, efficient and productive market. Also, the new facility is a great attraction for the creation of new companies, for those with expansion plans and for new start-ups that increasingly need to have more and more cloud facilities and services with maximum guarantees.

Supporting local talent

According to its policy of job creation and support to local talent, Grupo Aire will generate direct and indirect employment, which according to estimates could be around 350 jobs in the coming years, making the new datacenter a catalyst for economic growth in the area. Furthermore, numerous companies will be able to develop business and many others will be able to tackle their digital transformation process, which will boost the local economy.

Rogelio Velasco highlighted that “the project will not only give a technological boost to the Malaga economy, offering cloud and datacenter solutions for the digital transformation of companies in the area, but will also contribute to strengthening the Malaga brand as a technology hub”. As he pointed out, “this initiative shows that investors are looking with interest at our land and are committed to settling here, especially in technology parks, with Malaga TechPark being one of the clearest examples”. 

“We continue to move forward in our firm intention to create a network of data centres of proximity and cloud services capable of offering maximum performance to both companies and public administrations,” states Raul Aledo, CEO of Grupo Aire. “Some years ago Malaga began to become a unique technological hub in Spain and with this important initiative we are doing our bit to promote business growth around our data centre. A datacenter that has a worldwide hyperconnectivity, with all the possibilities that this offers. Malaga and the Community of Andalusia are from today, without doubt, more attractive to attract investment and talent”.

The new DPC also represents a firm commitment to sustainability, with access to an electricity supply preferably from renewable sources, with favourable environmental conditions marked by a low risk of natural hazards, as well as the possibility of accelerating the deployment of renewable energy and improving grid integration and flexibility.

About Grupo Aire

Grupo Aire is made up of a group of telecommunications companies whose philosophy is based on constant innovation through technology. It offers companies the best connectivity, voice, audiovisual, cloud and data centre solutions, evolving services to adapt to the needs of each client and moment. 

It has an extensive network of federated data centres, covering the entire Iberian Peninsula, linked by a TIER 2 network of more than 27,000 kilometres, which allows us to offer cloud solutions based on our low latency connectivity. 

In 2018, the Magnum Capital fund became a shareholder of Aire Networks, the company that heads Grupo Aire, with the founding partners maintaining their presence.