Premios Luz 2022 recognize Malaga TechPark in the Local Project category for its development as a park


  • Premios Luz 2022 recognize the contribution of entities and professionals to the digital transformation of the Andalusian region. The awards ceremony took place at the Real de la Feria in Seville, and was attended by representatives of companies and institutions of the Andalusian ICT sector.


The Seville Fair has hosted the fifth edition of the Luz 2022 Awards, framed in a new “E-ICT Technological Meeting” (in Spanish “Encuentro Tecnológico E-TIC”), networking organized by Cibersur and Human Smart Lab, and promoted by the entrepreneurs Victoria Cabrera and Carmen Bernaldez, where the main agents of the ICT sector meet and share experiences and projects related to technological progress in Andalusia.

Premios Luz have recognized the work done by different projects, initiatives, companies and professionals for the  modernization and digital transformation of the Andalusian region. In addition, they have valued their contribution to ICT development in an exceptional period, meeting the digitization needs of citizens, local government and businesses, at a time of emergency. This was explained by the organizers of the awards, Victoria Cabrera and Carmen Bernaldez. “This year we wanted to give special thanks in these awards to all those people and entities, who with their work have given light and have made possible the digital transformation in our region, and the return to normality after a complex and exceptional period as has been the pandemic”.

After two years in which the health crisis has prevented the celebration of face-to-face events, the Premios Luz have returned in the framework of a new E-ICT Meeting, consolidated as a participatory event, and a contact platform for companies and professionals in the Andalusian technology sector. After the awards ceremony, held at the Caseta del Circulo Mercantil e Industrial, the attendees enjoyed a networking session to share experiences and identify business opportunities that promote technological progress in Andalusia.

The fifth edition of Premios Luz has had the support and collaboration of the following companies: Elliot Cloud, Bosonit Tech & Data, and Orange.

Premios Luz 2022

Institution Catergory:

  • Junta de Andalusia for its new web, a project led by the Digital Agency of Andalusia (in Spanish Agencia Digital de Andalusia (ADA)). The new platform provides the Andalusian Government with the flexibility and scalability necessary to meet the current and future needs and functionalities of the Andalusian society. A website that provides a better service, with improved performance and response times, enabling a smoother and more satisfactory experience, greater accessibility, and adapted to mobile use. This initiative is part of the Andalusian autonomous entity’s drive for digital transformation, accelerated as a result of the pandemic and whose challenge is to reach 2030 with a 100% digitized Administration. This is a flagship project and part of a larger strategy aimed at making technology easier for citizens and boosting the Andalusian economy.

The Award was presented by Ms. Luz Usamentiaga. General Director of Regulation, Public Affairs and Sustainability of Orange. And it was collected by Mr. Raul Jiménez, Managing Director of the Digital Agency of Andalusia (in Spanish Agencia Digital de Andalusia).

  • The Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos de Telecomunicación de Andalucía (COITTA) and the Asociacion Andaluza de Graduados e Ingenieros Técnicos de Telecomunicación de Andalucía (AAGIT), for leading and coordinating a response to COVID-19 through the implementation of a Network of expert Technological Advisors, at the service of the different administrations and society. Through various actions such as advice to Provincial and City Councils on coverage and connectivity issues; the development of contingency solutions in rural areas; support for maintaining connectivity and use of applications in field hospitals and vaccination centers; 3D printing projects for masks to protect against the virus; and promotion of technological advice projects, mainly in rural areas, accompanying the elderly in the use of social networks and digital banking, to prevent depopulation and financial exclusion.

The award was presented by Ms. María Teresa Sanchez Blas, Manager of Public Administrations at Minsait (Indra). It was collected by Mr. Pedro Cordoba, Dean of COITTA, and Mr. Antonio Rodas, President of AAGIT.

Local Project category:
  • e-City Sevilla,  a public-private collaboration initiative led by Junta de Andalucia, Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, Parque Cientifico y Tecnologico Cartuja (PCT Isla de la Cartuja) and Endesa, for the development of an open, digital, decarbonized and sustainable city model in the Cartuja in 2025.

The award was presented by Mr. Eric Li, CEO of Huawei, and collected by Ms. Lorena Garcia de Izarra, Vice-Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities (in Spanish Transformacion Economica, Industria, Conocimiento y Universidades); Mr. Antonio Muñoz, Mayor of Seville; Mr. Luis Pérez Díaz, General Manager of PCT Cartuja and Mr. Rafael Sanchez Durán, Territorial Manager of Endesa.

  • Málaga TechPark, the new brand that gives its name to the Parque Tecnologico de Andalusia as an evolution from its launch to become a space of international reference and a focus of talent. A tool aimed at the international projection of the Andalusian innovation ecosystem.

The award was presented by Ms. Mar Lopez Gil, Senior Director of Accentur, and collected by Mr. Felipe Romera, General Manager of Malaga TechPark.

Business category:

  • Cluster ON TECH, for its trajectory and representativeness of the Digital Economy sector, and the promotion of innovation. OnTech Innovation has established itself as the largest business organization of digital economy and the largest technology cluster in Andalusia.

The award was presented by Mr. Eduardo Haro, Founder & CEO of Nazaries IT; and collected by Mr. Rafael Padura, Director of Institutional Relations of ON TECH Cluster.

  • Cibernos, a business group specializing in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Public Administration, Telco and Utilities, Real Estate and Industry. Cibernos has been awarded for its center of Innovation and Excellence SPEC (in Spanish Innovación y Excelencia SPEC) in Seville, for the firm commitment to generate innovative technological models, with Sevillian and Andalusian staff, which is allowing to reap great achievements at national and international level.

The award was presented by Mr. Luis Fernandez Palacios, Secretary General of the CEA, and collected by Mr. Emilio Herrera, Director SPEC/Andalucía of the Cibernos Group.


  • Educa360, a virtual educational platform with 3D environments that facilitate collective knowledge and make the listener the protagonist of learning. It allows placing screens with videos or documents in a digital environment that an avatar can share and teach by selecting them from the library. It is compatible with VR devices which makes the experience more immersive. This educational metaverse platform is based on “Watch-See-Do” (in Spanish “Mirar-Ver-Hacer”). Active rather than passive learning, which promotes creativity and curiosity.

The award was presented by Mr. Jose Antonio Morales, Innovation Director of Elliot Cloud, and collected by Mr. Fernando Manuel Sierra Sánchez, CEO of Educa360, and Mr. Francisco Manuel Roncero Lama, Product Manager of Educa360.

  •, an online platform for the management and control of the digital privacy of citizens and professionals, covering a wide range of basic needs in the digital world. They have developed the awareness portal, Mi Huella Digital, which is aimed at families, children and schools, where through resources, they make them aware of their digital rights and duties and the responsible use of the Internet.

The award was presented by Mr. Alvaro González González, Manager of Bosonit Tech & Data; and collected by Ms. María Jesús Lopez Serrano, Co-Founder and CMO; Mr. Daniel Lopez Serrano, Co-Founder and CEO; and Rosa Martinez Cuesta, Co-Founder and CSO.

Special award:

  • María Jose Escalona, Professor at the University of Seville, Department of Computer Languages and Systems. She is a woman of reference and teacher in the technological field. She has a broad research profile with great international impact, as she has collaborated with many institutions around the world and a long career in management positions of relevance, but if anything characterizes her, it is her profile as a promoter of the effective relationship between the University and the Company. For years she has been actively collaborating to improve the synergies between the university and society, especially in Andalusia. She is an advisor of INPRO, is part of the expert table of Womandigital and actively participates in many forums and collaborative groups, to bring these two worlds together.

The award was presented by Ms. Victoria Cabrera, Director of Cibersur, and Ms. Carmen Bernaldez, Co-founder of Human Smart Lab.  The award was collected by Ms. María Jose Escalona, University Professor. Department of Computer Languages and Systems of the University of Seville.


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The E-TIC Technology Meetings are a meeting point configured as a platform for contact and business within a participatory, flexible and practical space, where the main agents of the Andalusian ICT sector share experiences and projects related to technological progress in Andalusia. Consolidated as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with regular customers, identify business opportunities, keep abreast of developments in the Andalusian ICT sector and expand and strengthen networks of contacts between ICT professionals. These Technological Meetings are organized by Cibersur, with its director Victoria Cabrera, and by Human Smart Lab, with its co-founder Carmen Bernaldez.