Ingenia joins the BABEL technology group

The company will be formed by nearly 2,000 professionals, with a presence in seven countries and a turnover exceeding 110 million euros.

Ingenia, headquartered in Malaga TechPark, is an international company specialized in cybersecurity, digital solutions and eLearning services. It employs 400 professionals and had a turnover of more than €21.8 million in 2020.

BABEL’s goal is to triple its size in five years, reach €300 million in turnover and exceed 5,000 employees on staff by 2025.

BABEL, a Spanish multinational technology consulting company, has formalized an important agreement with the acquisition of Ingenia, an international company based in Malaga TechPark and specialized in cybersecurity, digital solutions and eLearning services. With this step forward, the technology group will be formed by nearly 2,000 professionals, with a presence in seven countries and a turnover exceeding 110 million euros.

This operation is part of BABEL’s inorganic growth plan to incorporate leading companies in various technological fields, which will complement its current portfolio of services and help it achieve its target growth.

“The BABEL Group is very pleased with the integration of Ingenia, a related company with which we share culture and values, and which complements our service offering, in particular our cybersecurity capabilities,” says Rafael López, president of BABEL. “Furthermore,” he adds, “together we will further strengthen our position in key geographic areas for our business, such as Andalusia and Latin America. That is why we could not miss the opportunity to have a presence in Malaga, one of the most promising technology hubs. With this acquisition, we are further strengthening our aspiration to be one of the great technological leaders in the areas where we are located”.

BABEL expects to triple its size, reaching 300 million euros in turnover and exceeding 5,000 employees by 2025. These results will be achieved while maintaining the principles of profitable and sustainable growth and long-term career development within a differentiated cultural model.

Since its creation in 2003, BABEL has grown by an average of 20% per year. In 2020, after the integration of Software AG’s professional services division in Spain, its turnover exceeded 85 million euros and reached 1,400 professionals. The Spanish company thus completed its capabilities and services, focused on emerging technologies in areas such as big-data/analytics, low-code or artificial intelligence, among others, by incorporating new solutions supported by Internet of Things products, real-time information analysis, apification or enterprise architecture. This operation placed the multinational among the top 10 Spanish-owned consulting firms and strengthened its position as a technological benchmark in digital transformation solutions.

Commitment to continuous innovation

For Ingenia, this operation means joining an industrial group specialized in digital transformation, which will allow it to accelerate its commitment to continuous innovation, direct its commercial offer to larger clients, expand services to its current clients and make a more decisive commitment to internationalization.

Ingenia has a workforce of more than 400 people and, in 2020, had a record turnover of more than 21.8 million euros, with an EBITDA close to 3 million. In addition to the corporate headquarters in Malaga TechPark, it has offices in Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and two subsidiaries in Chile and Peru, which will allow BABEL to strengthen its national and international presence.

The Ingenia Group also has a 24×7 security operations center located in Malaga, Seville and Santiago de Chile. With this network, it serves its customers in Spain, the rest of Europe and Latin America on a 24×7 model 365 days a year. This center is certified according to the main ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 standards and has recently received ENS High Level certification. It is also an accredited member of the worldwide FIRST association, as well as of the Spanish CSIRT. Both organizations bring together the main cybersecurity incident response centers in the world and Spain, respectively, and share relevant information to prevent and respond to an attack.

The company has projects in 25 countries and a large portfolio of clients, seven of which belong to the IBEX 35. These include Unicaja, Junta de Andalucía, Ayuntamiento de Málaga, Emasa, Mayoral, Opplus, Iberdrola, Mapfre, Repsol, Acerinox, Abertis Chile, Acotral, Inditex, Plan Vital, Ocaso, Orange, Veiasa, Cepsa, Fujitsu, Globalvia, Grupo Arpada, Ilunion, FNMT, Biblioteca Nacional, CSIC, Bidafarma, Correos, DGT, Seat, Senado de Chile, regional governments, 17 Spanish ports and more than 30 Spanish and Latin American universities. The integration will increase customer diversification and offer more value to reference customers.

Common philosophy

Both companies share a collaborative, team-oriented philosophy and a corporate culture where people are at the center.

At BABEL, the majority of the company’s ownership is in the hands of the employees. Currently, there are more than 60 working partners from all professional profiles and geographic areas in which the multinational is present. Each year, new associates are incorporated through a democratic procedure in which the worker-members propose and vote for colleagues who, because of their talent and commitment, they consider should form part of the group of owner-members.

Of the profits calculated each month, a part is distributed among all employees in the form of a solidarity bonus, another part is distributed among the owners in the form of a dividend and a third part is added to the company’s own funds. In addition, other advantages are offered to employees: flexible social benefits package, vacation points, individualized career plan, annual professional promotions, telecommuting and flexible working hours, bonuses, training plan and certifications or permanent contract from the first day of employment.


BABEL is a Spanish multinational technology consulting and digital transformation company with presence in five countries. The firm aims to be a benchmark in the provision of services aimed at large companies and public organizations. These services are characterized by quality, trust and commitment.

The company is based on a cooperative model, with working partners with strong ties to the company. Transparency and communication are elements that differentiate it from its competitors. One of its missions is to offer employees a long-term professional career, in which individual merits are valued.

About Ingenia

Ingenia is a Spanish multinational IT services company, which stands out for its specialization in cybersecurity and continuous and open innovation, with a presence in seven countries. Its marked sensitivity for quality, endorsed by outstanding national and international certifications, commitment and complicity with its clients in their technological and innovation needs, have generated the trust of its clients, supporting an organic growth to date. The human factor and talent are some of its differential attributes and keys to the success achieved.