Málaga TechPark and the UMA move forward in the development of the University Science and Business Park

  • The agreement signed will make it possible to continue with the strategy of joining common spaces to promote the integration of knowledge and research with the business fabric

The rector of the University of Málaga (UMA), José Ángel Narváez, and the general director of Málaga TechPark, Felipe Romera, have signed a collaboration agreement to continue with the strategy and development of the so-called University Science and Málaga Business Park (PCEU). Its main objective is to promote the creation of ‘new spaces, buildings or joint enclaves recognised under the category of PTA-UMA spaces,’ which serve to integrate knowledge and research with the business sector.

The infrastructures contemplated by the PCEU will be spaces focused on generating ecosystems where researchers, companies, entrepreneurs and students coexist, to generate synergies that translate into new research and business opportunities. In this way, the PCEU aims to become a driving and fundamental element in Málaga’s innovation ecosystem.

The agreement states that the companies and research groups located in these spaces will be able to join the list of companies and directory of the PTA, participate in the dynamisation and transfer actions carried out by Málaga TechPark and take part in internationalisation and innovation programmes carried out by the Park. Likewise, they will be able to publish their most outstanding activities through joint dissemination and communication programmes and provide the new spaces with a common seal between both entities.

Both institutions have undertaken to set up a joint committee made up of two representatives from Málaga TechPark. Another two from the University of Málaga, which will determine the development of the agreement signed in the Government Pavilion of the University of Málaga and which will be valid for four years, extendable by agreement of the parties.