Malaga TechPark companies join the recycling of electronic devices

  • Malaga TechPark has joined the #GreenLeague initiative of the Ecolec Foundation for the recycling of WEEE in the workplace. 
  • The initiative is in addition to the actions that Malaga TechPark has begun to develop to become a circular city within the eCityMálaga project, promoted by Endesa.

The eCityMalaga project aims to turn Malaga TechPark into the city’s first sustainable urban park. For this reason, the park is implementing various actions with the aim of developing the circular city model of the future, based on criteria of sustainability, efficiency and zero environmental impact.

One of the first initiatives that the Malaga technopolis has begun to develop with this objective is the so-called #GreenLeague, which the park has joined and which is promoted by the Ecolec Foundation. It consists of the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in the workplace. This action aims to highlight the commitment of Malaga TechPark, together with its companies and workers, to the optimal management of this type of waste generated in technological work environments by encouraging the deposit of electronic components in the correct place.

The Circular City concept is undoubtedly reinforced by campaigns such as this one. In addition to promoting the recycling of specific waste, it offers online training for the park community on the initiative and on essential aspects of environmental issues.

Since the beginning of Ecolec’s #GrenLeague, collection bins for small waste electrical and electronic equipment have been installed in Malaga TechPark so that waste that is no longer usable can be deposited in them, both in the productive and domestic spheres. 

The Ecolec Foundation has provided the park with informative material on the campaign and its participation in it, which will be available to everyone. The location of the park’s WEEE collection points can be checked on the website so that each worker can locate the nearest container.

Through this type of initiative, which involves the participation of the Málaga TechPark ecosystem and the community made up of companies and workers, the importance of one hundred percent environmentally safe recycling is highlighted. Steps are being taken towards the concept of circularity that eCityMálaga wants for the park.

About eCityMaálaga

The eCityMálaga project aims to turn Malaga TechPark into the first sustainable urban space with an efficient, 100% renewable and digital circular city model of the future.

Malaga TechPark will respond to the challenges entailed by the Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore it will make this leading space in technological innovation also a benchmark in sustainability by 2027, more than two decades ahead of the climate and energy targets set by the United Nations for the year 2050. 

To make the eCityMálaga project a reality, numerous companies and entities from the park have joined the project, within an open ecosystem of public-private collaboration, promoted by Endesa, Malaga TechPark and Málaga City Council.