More than twenty companies from Malaga TechPark are already working on the eCityMálaga project

  • Twenty-one companies have already joined this initiative that began at the end of September and aims to turn the park into the first sustainable and circular urban space in Spain

The eCityMalaga project continues to grow and during its first three months of life 21 companies have already joined one of the most important challenges of Malaga TechPark: respond to the challenges entailed by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy and the Action Plan for the Circular Economy of the European Union, as well as the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan in a 5-year horizon. 

Specifically, the entities that have joined since the start of the project on 22 September are Ubora Autoconsumo SL, Bic Euronova SA, Talan Consulting España, Inovalis Málaga Propco Spain SL, ROJOmandarina S.COOP AND, Centro Andaluz de Investigaciones del Agua, Fund.  Privada; Instalvia Telecomunicaciones SL (Viatek Group), TDK Electron Electronics Components SAU, Apogea Consultores SL, Torsa Global SL, Vision Innovation Diversion SL (VID Group), Accenture SLU, LDA Audio Vídeo Profesional SL, Aeorum España SL, San José Constructora SA, Inerttia Business Solutions SL, Construcciones y Servicios Generales Fearral SL, Dekra, Bettergy, Lynka and Editecnia. 

In this way, they join forces to carry out this initiative launched by Malaga TechPark, Malaga City Council and Endesa, which will turn the park into an example of an eco-efficient city, making better use of resources; renewable, through self-consumption systems, solar-powered car parks and smart grids that enable local and shared use; innovative with respect to the current model, in the design and application of solutions for the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials; and digital, through collaborative platforms that improve the model based on use versus ownership and, in general, on people’s well-being. 

At the end of October, these 5 working groups developed the foundations of this pioneering initiative around the circular economy, mobility, public space, and digitalisation and communication were launched. 


About eCityMalaga 

The eCityMálaga project aims to turn Malaga TechPark into the first sustainable urban space with an efficient, 100% renewable and digital circular city model of the future. 

Malaga TechPark will respond to the challenges posed by the Sustainable Development Goals by making this leading space in technological innovation also a benchmark in sustainability by 2027, thus anticipating the climate and energy objectives established by the United Nations for the year 2050 by more than two decades.  

To make the eCityMálaga project a reality, numerous companies and organisations from the park have joined the project, within an open ecosystem of public-private collaboration, promoted by Endesa, Málaga TechPark and Málaga City Council