Malaga TechPark directs the UMA Summer Course ‘Salud Digital. Retos y oportunidades’


  • The training will take place on 12 and 13 July in the Link by UMA space in The Green Ray by PTA-UMA building.

Salud digital. Retos y oportunidades’ is the title of the Summer Course of the University of Málaga directed by the director of Málaga TechPark, Felipe Romera Lubias, which will take place on 12 and 13 July in the Link by UMA space of The Green Ray by PTA-UMA building that the park shares with the university.

With this course, the park and the UMA want to raise awareness of the strategies and experiences being carried out by the different actors in the health sector, from the technological and pharmaceutical industry to hospitals and health systems. It is an appointment to reflect together in order to move towards a new health ecosystem around the patient.

The course, which lasts ten hours and is taught in classroom mode, aims to be a meeting point for the different agents that make up Malaga4Digital Health, the digital health ecosystem led by Málaga TechPark, the University of Málaga and the Regional University Hospital of Málaga, with speakers from major multinational companies, from the technology industry -ACCENTURE, GMV, DEDALUS, SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS, PHILIPS HEALTH, TELEFONICA e- HEALTH-; from the pharmaceutical industry -ROCHE P-HARMA, JHONSON & JHONSON, ORGANON-; as well as from the support entities for the financing of digital health -AMETIC or CDTI-.

 The different presentations will address topics such as Artificial Intelligence in the field of healthcare, the transition towards a more open, accessible and sustainable healthcare system, the role of the technology industry in the transformation of healthcare, the evolution towards personalised healthcare and the transformation of healthcare management with the patient-user at the heart of the system, with examples such as the Regional University Hospital of Málaga and the Andalusian Social Affairs Agency.


The programme is availabre here