Malaga TechPark will coordinate the Ibero-American Network of Science and Technology Parks

Sesión SEGIB
Rogelio Velasco highlights that Malaga TechPark is the exponent of the network of Andalusian parks, which constitutes a pole of attraction for new investments that generate employment and energize priority sectors

Malaga TechPark takes over the coordination of the Ibero-American Network of Science and Technology Parks, which has been presented in Madrid and which will bring together almost thirty technopolises from ten countries: Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico , Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay.

This presentation took place during the Conference ‘The role of science and technology parks in promoting innovation, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and international cooperation with Ibero-America’, in which the Andalusian Minister of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, Rogelio Velasco; the Minister of Science and Innovation and Higher Education, Diana Morant; and the Ibero-American Secretary General, Marcos Pinta, participated.

In his speech, Velasco highlighted that Malaga TechPark is “a fundamental piece in the network of parks that Andalusia has, which has continued to be a pole of attraction for new investments and strategic projects with high added value that they generate employment, energize priority sectors and improve competitiveness, despite the pandemic”. In the opinion of the regional Minister of Economic Transformation, “such prominent enclosures as Malaga TechPark, PCT Cartuja (Seville) or PTS (Granada) are of special interest to promote the economic reactivation of the community”.

The regional head of Economy highlighted the importance of the evolution of Malaga TechPark to be chosen as coordinator of the Ibero-American network, as it is “one of the most important innovation ecosystems in Spain”. Also the permanent relationship it maintains with different Ibero-American entities, such as technology parks, universities, public administrations, research institutes and technology centres. 

Malaga park has collaborated with the International ICT Cluster, which was promoted by the Technological District of the city of Buenos Aires, and to which the parks of Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia belong. and Spain; and has participated in the INCUBA project.

Malaga TechPark will coordinate together with the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), promoter of the network. SEGIB is an international organization that supports 22 Ibero-American countries, including Spain, Portugal and Andorra. SEGIB has also had the collaboration of the University of Malaga, in addition to the support of the Junta de Andalucía and the central government, for the design and launch of this initiative. Its constitution is intended to reinforce the innovation strategy of Ibero-America through the strengthening of companies and their connection with the academic groups installed in the parks that are part of the network.

More than 40 installation requests

Rogelio Velasco reported that Malaga TechPark has received since February more than 40 requests for the installation of new companies on an area  13,000 square meters. Last year, the park recorded a 0.36% annual growth in employment, reaching 20,345 people (57% men and 43% women). Malaga TechPark has 621 companies with a total turnover of 2.104 billion euros in 2020. The park hosts about 60 foreign companies, which represent 35% of the total employment of the park, and has professionals of more than 30 nationalities.

Velasco ensured that Malaga is as “a preferred destination” for the setting up of international high-tech projects, such as TDK, Version 1, Talant, Hispasec, Redzinc or Talent by Rebs. Malaga TechPark will also soon have ‘INNOVA IRV’, a new center that will help consolidate its role as a benchmark innovation hub.