More than 300 people met in Málaga for the fourth edition of the UAD360 Cybersecurity Congress

  • The meeting, with 8 presentations and 8 Lighting Talks, addressed the latest trends and challenges in the cybersecurity sector.

For the fourth year, Málaga became the epicentre of cybersecurity with the celebration of the UAD360 Cybersecurity Congress. This event has been established itself as one of the essential events for computer security in Spain, which was organised by Hispasec, and took place for a whole day on Friday 14 June at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática (E.T.S.I) (School of Computer Engineering) of the University of Málaga.

The conference brought together more than 300 people and featured eight professional speakers from the cybersecurity sector, who shared trends and expertise on the current state of the art and innovations to combat vulnerabilities. Among them were some of the country’s leading specialists, such as the cyber-intelligence analyst Carlos Seisdedos, Marta Gómez, Software Engineer at Google, Joel Gámez, Red Team Cybersecurity Expert, the creator of the Burp Bounty web application penetration testing platform, Eduardo García Melia, Rubén García and Juan Ortega, Lead Software Developer and CTO of Hispasec, , Pablo San Emeterio, CEO of Vapasec, Joel Serna Moreno, engineer at Pentest IoT/ICS, Mercedes Muñoz, Pentester at Telefónica Tech, and Carlos Polop, in charge of closing the congress and Halborn team leader and creator of HackTricks, the most famous educational wiki on hacking and cybersecurity.

Additionally, it also had 3 blocks of short talks of a maximum of 10 minutes, called Lightning Talks, with the participation of Enrique Rando, head of the Andalusian Cybersecurity Centre, who spoke about the importance of the “Human Element”, the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain; Myriam Jiménez, from the Andalusian Digital Agency, presented the projects that are being carried out by the SOC of the Andalusian autonomous community;  Isaac Agudo, from NICs LABS of the UMA, reported on the Degree in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence; Rafael Fuentes, founder of Blueberry Málaga, presented the project bringing programming and cybersecurity to schools, companies and families with a great impact on children throughout the province; David Padilla from Hackén, gave a brief tour of the Bubbounty; Ángela Machado presented the secure Web apps; Raquel Gálvez explained the CTF challenge project “Capture the Famous Bandit”; and,  finally, Santiago Alvarez de Cienfuegos, general manager of XM Cyber, explained the term “black swan” in cybersecurity.

Marta Barrio Marcos, cybersecurity communicator through the Securiters channel, was in charge of energising and presenting the event, which included a set of interviews, games and raffles.

The Congress, organised by Hispasec, has had the institutional support of the E.T.S.I of Computer Science of the University of Málaga and the Cybersecurity Centre of the Digital Agency of Andalusia, and is possible thanks to the sponsorship of Cajamar, Koodous and XM Cyber. It has also brought together and counted on the collaboration of several hacker communities that have come together with the same objective of disseminating content on cybersecurity, such as Navaja Negra Conference Albacete, EuskalHack País Vasco, Hackademics Forum Córdoba, Hack-én Jaén, SecAdmin Sevilla, Yes We Tech and Securiters, which promote equal opportunities in the sector, OpenSouthCode on technology and free culture, among others.

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