The University of Málaga moves into the headquarters of Málaga TechPark

  •  It inaugurates the Oficina de Innovación y Cooperación Tecnológica (Office of Innovation and Technological Cooperation), whose objective is to create alliances with the surrounding area

The University of Málaga arrives at Málaga TechPark and it makes it together with the Oficina de Innovación y Cooperación Tecnológica of the UMA, which already has a space in the park’s social headquarters and which was created with the fundamental objective of creating new opportunities for innovation in the Málaga TechPark environment, as well as acting as a hub for transversal cooperation between the Park and the different services and centres of the UMA.

The Oficina will be guided by Javier López, professor of Telematics Engineering at the UMA. The presentation to several companies of Málaga TechPark has taken place in a ceremony in which Javier López himself participated and which was presided over the rector Teodomiro López Navarrete, together with Felipe Romera, general director of Málaga TechPark.

All of them agreed on the importance of this initiative, due to the boost it gives to the relationship between the two institutions. Romera praised the fact that the University not only wants to research or transfer, but also to innovate, something which, in his words, in other technological parks is only done by companies. The general director of the park said that “bringing innovation out of the parks has never been easy, and now we are going to try to do it with you.”

On his part, the rector has alluded to the “game sharing” when assessing the importance of this Oficina, with the idea that all vice-rectorships and services of the UMA take a leading role. According to his words, the launch of this initiative is “a step forward” in the relationship with Málaga TechPark, which is added to the two buildings that the UMA has in the technopolis and Rayo Verde, where the Link by UMA is located.

Innovation opportunities

The Oficina is going to focus its work on several actions, including the exploration and analysis of innovation opportunities detected within Málaga TechPark, the creation of transversal cooperation mechanisms with the Services of the University of Málaga and the promotion of the UMA’s culture of innovation and technological cooperation through the quadruple helix model.

Additionally, its performance includes the design of the UMA Innovation and Technological Cooperation Strategy, the alignment of the UMA strategy with the Recommendations of the European Space in the field of Innovation, the establishment of mechanisms for the improvement of investment, both public and private, aimed at the technological innovation or the exploration of initiatives for the implementation of Innovation driver projects.

Moreover, it also worths mentioning other works focused on establishing Technological Co-Innovation Communities in different areas according to strategic need, establishing links with the University of Málaga in eco-innovation projects, coordinating with Málaga TechPark the design of plans to strengthen the local innovation environment and attract new entities from the international socio-economic sphere, and promoting the creation of Technological Innovation networks with national and international Technological Parks.