On Off Engineering develops pioneering technology applied to mining from its headquarters at BIC Euronova, located in Malaga TechPark

The Malaga company On Off Engineering has developed the control room for a mineral extraction and treatment plant for an inland mine in Órgiva (Granada).

The Malaga company ON OFF ENGINEERING located at BIC Euronova (European Center for Business and Innovation of Malaga) in Málaga Tech Park, has developed the control room of a mineral extraction and treatment plant for an inland mine, “Órgiva Mine” in Granada.

This development is one of the most ambitious projects for On Off Engineering, specialized in Industrial Automation, from the technological point of view carried out by the company to date. The main peculiarity of both the extraction and treatment plant and the control room is that they are located inside the mine galleries, which gives it a unique and innovative character.

The room is responsible for the control and monitoring of all phases of the mineral extraction and treatment process: grinding, transferring materials, flotation, draining and drying.

The control system is based on industrial embedded PC. There are two PCs in order to provide permanent coverage against possible incidents in one of them. In this way, if one of them suffers a breakdown or has to be temporarily taken out of service, the other immediately goes to work so that the plant does not stop at any time.

At the level of network architecture, a mixed ring / tree topology has been chosen so that there is also redundancy of the medium (cable).