Sogeti and Ubago Group join the Málaga TechPark Execs Club

  • The club held its first meeting of 2024, in which the actions and projects that will be launched throughout the year were presented.

The Málaga TechPark Execs Club has welcomed two new members. Sogeti and Ubago Group joined following the first assembly of the year 2024.

Sogeti joined through Javier Fernández Morales, as QA-DSS Manager. As part of the Capgemini Group, Sogeti operates in over 100 locations worldwide, working closely with clients and partners to maximize technology opportunities. They combine agility and speed of implementation to design innovative solutions focused on the future of Digital Assurance & Testing, Cloud, and Cyber Security, all driven by AI and automation.

On the other hand, Ubago Group joined through Neyla El Bouzid, as president. Ubago Group is one of the leading companies in the food market, specializing in canned fish, smoked products, cod, and salted fish. The group has production facilities both nationally and internationally, providing agri-food solutions to national and international markets, under the premise of maximum quality at the best price. They lead products in the business segments they operate in, with a model based on sustainable development with an industrial and commercial vocation: high technology, a focus on R&D&i, innovative and automated processes, and a qualified human team.

Actions 2024

During the meeting, the different working groups presented the various actions and initiatives they will implement throughout this year.

The Talent Group announced the upcoming launch of the second edition of EspecializaTech, the unique Employment Training project initiated by the Ministry of Employment of the Junta de Andalucía and the club.

Other programs and events that will also be launched in collaboration with the Junta de Andalucía include: a University Micro Credentials program, Málaga TechPark-ESTI Informática UMA Hackathon and Career Week 2024. Additionally, a new study will be conducted on the most demanded profiles and short- to medium-term training needs.

In the Communication and Visibility Group, the annual recognition of club companies was announced, along with various actions aimed at positioning the Málaga TechPark Execs brand on social and mass media. The Ecosystem Reinforcement Group discussed upcoming visits to club companies and informed about various recreational activities to be held in the park.

Lastly, the Sustainability group presented the objectives and ongoing actions for 2024, related to the implementation of a strategic management plan and other interests and challenges for a sustainable global strategy in the park.

It is also worth mentioning the new activities recently implemented by the club, such as the Club-Breakfast meetings or the initiative launched with the Soho Caixabank Theater.

About the Club

The Málaga TechPark Execs Club was created with the aim of fostering collaboration among the companies based in Málaga TechPark and highlighting professional excellence.

This project, which emerged during the pandemic, brings together entrepreneurs and executives who represent over 70% of the park’s employment volume.

The club, driven and coordinated by the park’s management, consists of over fifty business leaders, including CEOs and top executives from the following companies: Accenture, ADIF, Aeorum, Aertec, Air Liquide, Aire Network, ANCES, Anovo, APTE, Arelance, Babel, Bukit, CaixaBank, Capgemini, Cardivais, CGI, Cordis Suite, Dedalus, Denso Ten, Dekra, DHV, Endesa, Ericsson, Euronutra, EY, Freepik, General Elevadores, Google, Hispasec, IASP, Ibima, Idneo, Keysight, LDA Audiotech, Lynka, Mades, Minsait by Indra, Montero Alimentación, NTT Data, Opplus, Oracle, Orange, G. Premo, PwC, Sogeti, Talan, TDK, Tedial, Telefónica, G. TopDigital, Torsa, Tupl, Ubago Group, UMA, ViewNext, and Vodafone España.

Three years after its inception, Málaga TechPark Execs continues to strengthen the park’s ecosystem through its member companies, fostering talent and R&D&i projects, and solidifying the bonds among its constituent businesses.