First edition of the Artificial Intelligence entrepreneurship program begins at The Green Lemon

The Green Lemon
It is promoted by the City Council of Malaga, through the National Digital Content Pole, and the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), in collaboration with Malaga TechPark, and co-financed with the European Social Fund.
15 projects oriented to Artificial Intelligence will be accelerated for 6 months with 100 hours of workshops and free mentoring in the coworking “Málaga IA” of The Green Lemon.

Today began the first edition of the entrepreneurship program “Málaga IA” launched by the City of Malaga, through the National Digital Content Pole, and the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), in collaboration with Málaga TechPark. This coworking is co-financed by the European Social Fund and is part of the Training and Technological Employment Plan for the reactivation of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19.

The opening ceremony, which has made a presentation of the 15 projects that will host this program in this first edition, was attended by the councilor delegate of Innovation and Urban Digitalization, Susana Carillo; the director of EOI Andalusia, Francisco Velasco; the Director General of Malaga TechPark, Felipe Romera; the director of Innovation, Entrepreneurs and SMEs Andalusia EOI, Dolores Martinez; the coordinator of the coworking, Antonio Guerrero. The companies Ingenia and Ericsson, which participate in this project, as well as representatives of several technology companies have also participated.


In this first pre-incubation program Go2Work “Málaga IA” to be developed in the facilities of The Green Lemon building in Malaga TechPark, a total of 15 business projects around Artificial Intelligence are launched.

The initiative is free for all of them and will have a total duration of 6 months (from July to December 2021). During that time, the entrepreneurs will receive 60 hours of workshops given by professional experts in Lean Startup, Agile Scrum models, visualization with Power Business Intelligence, Machine Learning with BigML, process automation and management with RPA (Robotic Process Automation), marketing and positioning, legal aspects and product and business demonstration.

In addition, they will have 40 hours of individualized mentoring for each of the projects, by experts, to design the business model and its positioning in the national and international market, as well as a series of events aimed at promoting networking and sharing best practices and an Investors Day to attract investors.

Specifically, the participants selected for this first edition will work on the development of projects with Artificial Intelligence for sectors such as education, video games, technology, services, health, sports and environment.

In education and entertainment:

1. Educational software to detect “school bullying”.
2. Software for educational centers and families, with satellite data, for children from 8 to 14 years of age.
3. Serious videogame to treat anxiety, as a support for psychologists in clinics.
In health, sports and environment:
4. AI algorithm to classify images and detect products, so that sustainable alternatives to those products are offered; for example, it detects my geolocated or shopping searches on vehicles and offers results for hybrid or electric cars, bicycles or scooters, as well as healthy food restaurants.
5. Apply AI to a sustainable fashion project of designing garments with recycled and eco-friendly materials.
6. Sports performance software by installing cameras in paddle tennis courts to analyze movements to help develop personalized training sessions.
7. Crop management software with ground monitoring, using AI and satellites.

In technology and citizen services:

8. Web-to-app conversion software.
9. Software for the search and classification of legislation of public administrations.
10. Analysis for companies to know and evaluate their digital situation automatically and objectively.
11. Intelligent task manager that allows the coordination of decentralized teams and/or commercial points.
12. Consulting analysis of synthetic variables to see and project the transformation of a neighborhood such as: bicycle lanes, necessary stores, cultural activities, mobility, city in 15 minutes, tourism, etc.
13. Program to eliminate “junk” content and discriminate the “noise” on the internet to users.
14. Crop management software with ground monitoring, using AI and satellites.
15. Program to manage private parking lots for renting by the hour.


This coworking is part of the training program in digitization and employment on artificial intelligence in Malaga, which has already held several activities. In this regard, it should be recalled that last May 31 the ‘Artificial Intelligence Course’ of 150 hours duration, free and in blended mode, was taught to 20 long-term unemployed people (POEFE Funds), in the facilities of The Green Lemon building in Málaga TechPark.

Likewise, hand in hand with Malaga TechPark, Ericsson and Ingenia have recently launched challenges on AI for entrepreneurs and workers to develop in this entrepreneurship program, promoted by the City of Malaga, through the Digital Content Pole and the EOI.

In the case of Ingenia, it proposes to entrepreneurs two concepts that have Artificial Intelligence as the basis of their work: cybersecurity, for which they require solutions to early identification of threats, malware detection and interpretation of logs; and process automation, referring specifically to the transcription of audio to text, automation of repetitive tasks and intelligent management of processes in customer services.

For its part, Ericsson is looking for entrepreneurs to create a software platform that allows the accumulation in a centralized database of geographic information on coverage levels and other service levels of 4G networks measured by mobile terminals. The solution must contemplate the necessary protocols to guarantee the security of communications and the privacy of user data.

This entrepreneurship program is open to a maximum of 20 projects, so those still interested in participating can register on the web: or at