TestDevLab opens its new headquarters and R&D laboratory in Málaga TechPark

  • The Latvian company expects to generate 30 new jobs in the next two years.

Latvian-based technology company TestDevLab has opened its new headquarters and R&D laboratory in Málaga TechPark. With this new headquarters, TestDevLab seeks to expand its presence in Europe and improve its ability to provide high-quality services to its customers around the world.

TestDevLab expects to generate 30 new jobs in the next 2 years. The new employees will join TestDevLab’s team of software engineering experts and will work on the development of state-of-the-art Quality Testing solutions for the company’s customers.

“We are delighted to establish our new headquarters in Málaga TechPark and to join the city’s vibrant business community,” said Andrejs Frišfelds, CEO of TestDevLab, who added: “As a global IT services company, we are very excited to expand our presence in Europe and to continue to provide high-quality services to our clients around the world.”

Ervins Grinfelds, also CEO of TestDevLab, said: “At TestDevLab we have always been committed to innovation and quality. With the opening of our new headquarters and R&D lab in Málaga TechPark we are confident that we will be able to continue to offer advanced testing solutions and quality services to our global customers.”

TestDevLab expects this facility will allow it to expand its global presence and increase its ability to offer high-quality services to companies around the world.


About TestDevLab

TestDevLab is a company specialising in software engineering with a team of experts with unique competencies in the world of advanced technologies. The company offers software testing and quality assurance services, as well as software development services and IT infrastructure solutions.

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