Málaga TechPark Execs holds the first meeting of 2023 with a focus on the actions planned by each working group

  • The meeting was attended by the heads of the club’s areas: Talent, Communication, Ecosystem Reinforcement, Future Trends and #U20FN.

Málaga TechPark Execs, the Executives and Entrepreneurs Club of the Málaga Technopolis, held its first meeting of the year in The Green Lemon space to publicise the actions that each working group is carrying out.

Toni de la Prieta, from the Talent Group, spoke about the different initiatives being carried out by the group in terms of talent attraction.

In the Communication and Visibility Group, Antonio Gómez Guillamón, CEO of Aertec Solutions, focused on the main objective of this period: the launch of the website.

In the Ecosystem Reinforcement Group, Carlos Bentabol, from Grupo Babel, highlighted that 15 visits to companies have been carried out in the so-called “Friday Execs,” an activity that will continue. In addition, sports and leisure activities will be implemented with employees.

On behalf of the Future Trends Forum Group, Mario García, from Tupl, pointed out that they have been working on the files of the companies working on each trend. Thus, a space will be created in the metaverse to make them known.

In the #U20FN UMA-Empresas Group, the coordinator, Javier López, vice-rector of Business, Territory and Digital Transformation of the UMA, talked about the actions carried out by the Digital Eye Observatory, such as the monthly seminars or the Spanish Digital Transformation Congress held at Transfiere.

Working groups

The working groups of the Málaga TechPark Execs Executives Club are:

Communication and visibility: It works to improve awareness and dissemination of the companies offered by the club. Among the actions carried out in this area is the launch of video campaigns on social networks, mainly Linkedin.

Talent: It focuses on the training needs and projects aimed at improving and attracting talent demanded by the club’s companies.

Strengthening of the ecosystem: Aimed at improving mutual knowledge of the companies in the Málaga TechPark.

Future Trend Forum: It works on technological trends and disruptions in business models. Its main objective is to keep Málaga companies at the forefront of global innovation. Other objectives are:

  • Identify and track key disruptive technologies and trends.
  • To bring together and share knowledge between companies in Málaga and with the University of Málaga.
  • To monitor the strategic technological guidelines and tenders of the EU, Spain and Andalusia.
  • Discover and keep track of the companies in Málaga that work on each topic.
  • Help publicise companies that are creating disruptive solutions.
  • Facilitating business cooperation.

The technology trends it works on are Digital Twins, Connected Driving, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, VR / AR / XR, 5G / 6G and Group Components.

#U20FN: It works together with the University of Málaga for the analysis, development and implementation of common proposals. The first proof of this is the Digital Transformation Observatory “Digital Eye.”

About the club

The Málaga TechPark Execs Executives Club was created to foster collaboration between Málaga TechPark companies and give visibility to professional excellence and has brought to the table the work being carried out in the different working groups.

This project, which emerged during the pandemic, brings together entrepreneurs and managers who account for more than 70% of the Park’s employment volume.

The club, which is promoted and coordinated by the park’s management, is made up of more than fifty business leaders, including the CEOs and senior executives of the following companies: Accenture, ADIF, Aeorum and Aertec. Air Liquide, ANCES, Anovo, APTE, Arelance, Bukit, CaixaBank, Capgemini, Cardivais, CGI, Dedalus, Dekra, DHV, Endesa, Ericsson, Euronutra, EY, Fernández y Canivell, Freepik, Fujitsu, General Elevadores, Google, Grupo Aire, Grupo Babel, Grupo Premo, Grupo Top Digital, Hispasec, IASP, Idneo, Keysight, LDA, Lynka, Mades, Minsait by Indra, Montero Alimentación, Opplus, Oracle, Orange, Predictiva, PwC, Talan, TDK, Tedial, Telefónica, Torsa, Tupl, UMA, ViewNext and Vodafone España.

Two years after its creation, Málaga TechPark Execs continues to strengthen the ecosystem of the park through its companies, promoting talent and R&D&I projects and strengthening the links between the companies that make it up.