The first day of the CETDi deals with the challenges and opportunities of digitalization in Spain and aid in Digital Transformation

  • The event, which is being held today and tomorrow within the framework of the Transfiere 2023 Forum, has also dealt with aspects related to the innovation ecosystem in Málaga or the challenges and opportunities of the Aerospace sector.

The Spanish Digital Transformation Congress (CETDi), launched by the Digital Eye observatory -from the University of Málaga and Málaga TechPark-, has celebrated this afternoon its first day after the official inauguration, which has been in charge of the general director of the park, Felipe Romera; the vice-rector of Business, Territory and Digital Transformation of the UMA, Javier López; and the director of Digital Eye, Digital Transformation Observatory, Óscar de Cózar.

First of all, the challenges and opportunities of digitalization in Spain in 2023 have been put on the table with a dialogue led by the general director of AMETIC, Francisco Hortigüela; and the manager of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Málaga and Secretary General of Digital Málaga, Princesa Sanchez. Then, the innovation ecosystem in Málaga was discussed in depth, in an intervention led by the CEO of Premo and vice president of AMETIC, Ezequiel Navarro.

The Aerospace sector has also played a leading role in the Congress and the challenges, future and opportunities of this area have been addressed by the CEO of AERTEC and president of the Andalucía Aerospace cluster, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón.

The first session of the congress closed with the round table ‘Grants for Digital Transformation at National and Regional level’, moderated by Itziar Epalza, president of the Network of Technology Parks of the Basque Country; and with the participation of the president of the Smart City Cluster, Vito Epíscopo; the coordinator of Design and Strategies of the province of Málaga in Andalucía Emprende, Andalusian Public Foundation, Alberto Azevedo; the managing director of the Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE), Soledad Díaz; the head of International Projects of Bic Euronova, Sandra García; and the president of Málaga Digital and director of Aticco Software, Ricardo Nandwani.

The Spanish Digital Transformation Congress will continue tomorrow with the intervention of renowned experts in different areas related to digitalization.

About Digital Eye

The Digital Eye Observatory, launched jointly by Málaga TechPark and the University of Málaga through the Vice-Rectorate for Business, Territory and Digital Transformation, aims to help companies, organizations and institutions in the field of digital transformation. In this context, Digital Eye is created to integrate and concentrate efforts in this area, as well as to perform functions of dissemination, promotion, training, advice and technological innovation in this area, leading to better strategic positioning and decision-making by companies and institutions with implications in the sector.

The Observatory’s activities are focused on four main objectives:

  • To function as a meeting point to identify future trends, emerging technologies and their impact on the business fabric.
  • To act as a core generator of valuable information for technological development.
  • Act as a training point for continuous adaptation to the digital transition.
  • Actively promote cutting-edge ideas and projects for technological development.