Campanillas Secondary School wins the IV Alianza Award for ‘FP Dual’ in the category of educational center

IES Campanillas

Campanillas Secondary School in Malaga has been awarded the IV Premio Alianza for vocational training Dual in the category of Educational Centre. It has been awarded for facilitating youth employability, since the rate of labour insertion of its students is close to 100%, and cooperation in its projects, since they maintain a close collaboration with the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA) and with several of the companies installed there.

The aim of this recognition is to make the business sector, educational centres, organizations and society aware of the need to promote quality vocational training Dual in our country. This is an educational modality in which the educational center and the company are jointly responsible for the theoretical and practical training of the apprentice. In Spain, the “FP Dual” has a high level of labour insertion, and is presented as a key tool both for promoting quality youth employment and for improving the competitiveness of companies.

In addition, IES Campanillas in Malaga participates in dissemination activities for vocational training dual where meetings are held between companies and students, participates in the Technology Employment Fair and facilitates joint activities with PTA companies.

This year, due the COVID pandemic, the awards ceremony will be held within the framework of the 6th Forum of the Alliance for vocational training Dual Professional Training to be held in October.

Currently, 24,000 students are studying vocational training Dual in Spain and around 10,000 companies offer apprenticeship places, which is a great boost to business competitiveness and training adapted to the real needs of the market.