The Italian technology company Made in Verse establishes in Málaga, at BIC Euronova.

  • Made in Verse, specialized in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies, established an office at BIC Euronova, the European Business and Innovation Centre of Málaga.

Made in Verse, specialized in the development of hyper-realistic Visual Workspaces for the industrial, education, and health sectors, starts its activity in Málaga, specifically at BIC Euronova, the European Business and Innovation Centre of Málaga, located at Málaga TechPark.

With a strong presence in such a demanding sector as the automotive industry, as a result of its affiliation with the Italian group Esiste, Made in Verse is currently bringing all that experience to other industrial sectors, such as education and health, where mixed reality technologies will have a great impact.

The origin of the company dates back to the decision of the Italian company Esiste of creating and launching the startup Made in Verse in the field of the metaverse and virtual workspaces. And more specifically, launching it in Málaga due to the relevance that the city is acquiring both in the technological field and in XR technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality).

“The aim of establishing an office in BIC Euronova at Málaga TechPark is to bring the possibilities of these technologies closer to the companies of the Technology Park of Andalusia and to Málaga as a whole,” points out Juan Maronese, CEO of Made In Verse. He also highlighted the opportunities they offer to improve work processes, products, and services. In fact, Made in Verse has developed new concepts of visual workspaces focused on the industrial sector and also in the health and education/training fields.