‘Somos FP Dual’ network shares their experience with Malaga students and Malaga TechPark companies

Jornada Somos FP Dual
Málaga TechPark together with the Bertelsmann Foundation and Lidl have held a webminar of ‘Somos FP Dual’ network, in the framework of the European VET Week.

The network of ambassadors of Dual VET System, ‘Somos FP Dual’, promoted by the Bertelsmann Foundation and Lidl Supermarkets, has organized different online sessions to promote Dual vocational education and training (VET) systems during the European VET Week, held from November 9 to 13.

The virtual meetings have been organized by various entities, among which is Málaga TechPark. Trainees and former trainees have shared their experience and have given their learning testimony among the sessions attendees.

A specific event about Dual VET in Málaga TechPark was held on Wednesday November 11. The online pannel exposed the characteristics of this educational modality and the advantages for students and companies, with the partiipation of IES Campanillas, and the companies Qipro and Viewnext. The webminar was followed by some 450 attendees, of which around 400 were students from secondary schools in Malaga.

‘Somos FP Dual’ network of ambassadors has been developing a cycle of 100% virtual conferences in the 8 Andalusian provinces Throughout the week. The meetings have addressed the characteristics and advantages of the dual model in the hands of various organizations and local entities, such as chambers of commerce, guilds or city councils. Likewise, the promotion of Dual VET will continue to be of great importance in the province of Malaga in the coming weeks. The Malaga Chamber of Commerce and the Bertelsmann Foundation promote the Dual FP Fair in Malaga that will take place online on December 2.

Dual Vocational Training is a VET modality in which the educational center and the company are jointly responsible for the students training  There are currently 25,000 students enrolled in Spain and it has a labor insertion rate of 70%, making it a valuable tool to help alleviate youth unemployment.

The Dual VET has about 6,500 students, 528 projects and the participation of more than 4,700 companies In Andalusia. This good evolution is also evident in Malaga TechPark, where the number of companies that join training and job placement programs framed in the Alliance for Dual FP is growing.