Malaga TechPark will have a housing solutions building for park’s workers

Malaga TechPark will have a building with 105 accommodations and 186 beds for residential use for park’s workers. The property, which will be built by the joint venture carried out between Grupo Lar and Primonial, will have a total of five floors distributed in three interconnected blocks. The residential area is located on an area of ​​7,500 m².

The space will also have 56 parking lots and a swimming pool, as well as a bar-cafeteria, laundry, common rooms, a multipurpose room, gym, coworking spaces, a social room with a cinema, a room for events and a restaurant space.

In this way, the building will have four- and two-bed accommodation, as well as individual one-bed apartments. It should also be noted that all services can be managed through an app.

The project has an estimated execution period of ten months and has a budget of 17.8 million euros.

The ways of living and working have changed in recent years: there are young professionals who know where they work today, but do not know where they want to be tomorrow. Therefore, they look for move-in ready solutions, modern, comfortable, efficient, that adapt to their lifestyle; a house where they can continue exchanging work and life experiences.

This action confirms the commitment to the new partial plan that Malaga TechPark plans to implement in the next 20 years, and which is expected to double the number of companies and workers. The park will have the capacity to build 150,000 square meters of new buildings in two decades, a project that already has a green light from the Andalusian government, which approved the environmental report a year ago.

It should be remembered that Malaga TechPark currently exceeds 20,000 employees, of which 35% belong to the 57 companies of foreign origin located in the park, among which are American, French, German, Dutch and British companies.