BIC Euronova attracts French business talent to Malaga

Europresencia - BIC
The French company Europresencia starts its activity at BIC Euronova, the European Center for Business and Innovation that is based in Malaga TechPark

BIC Euronova, the European Center for Business and Innovation in Malaga, based in Malaga TechPark, has incorporated the French company Europresencia into its center; thus expanding the number of international companies hosted.

BIC Euronova, with an international vocation and extensive experience as a European Center for Business and Innovation, is a pioneer in Malaga in supporting the creation, incubation, consolidation and internationalization of innovative companies. It has an extensive experience in providing softlanding services to foreign companies. In addition to having innovative Malaga and Spanish companies, BIC Euronova also houses international companies and entrepreneurs of various nationalities such as Dutch, Belgian, French, Italian, Irish, Danish, Finnish, American and French, among others.

The French company Europresencia starts its journey in Malaga, specifically at BIC Euronova, where it starts up as a commercial consultancy specialized in the French and Spanish B2B markets. Europresencia, which has a bilingual team who is highly knowledgeable about the business cultures of both countries, helps companies, both Spanish and French, to develop their business activity in the neighboring country. They act for this in four fundamental areas: comprehensive commercial management, communication, the expansion process via installation, as well as HR.

In addition, Europresencia has its own professional audiovisual and digital studio, which will allow them to hold corporate webinars aimed at potential French-speaking clients; counting on different collaborations with local actors and institutions, which provide a guarantee framework for their services.

This new international incorporation to the Malaga CEEI, contributes to consolidating BIC Euronova as a center with great experience in attracting talent to Malaga that, in addition to being an incubator for innovative companies, provides internationalization services to companies. All this thanks to its links with organizations around the world, through the strong alliance it maintains with the European network of BICs, EBN, to which it has belonged since its foundation.