Málaga TechPark, UMA and the Regional University Hospital of Malaga launch the ‘Digital Health’ Forum

Foro Salud Digital
This new forum aims to enhance the local innovation ecosystem made up of companies, researchers and health professionals.

The new Forum “Digital Health” was celebrated on Thursday morning. The convocation is a joint initiative of Málaga TechPark (the Andalusian Technology Park), the Social Council of the University of Málaga and the Regional University Hospital of Málaga. The institutions brought together a twenty specialized companies and experts in the health and technological field that are part of the local innovation ecosystem.

The opening ceremony took place in The Green Ray by PTA-UMA space. It was chaired by the Rector of the University of Malaga, Mr. Jose Ángel Narváez; the President of the Social Council of UMA; Mr. Antonio Luis Urda; the Director of the Andalusian Technology Park, Mr. Felipe Romera; and the manager of the Regional University Hospital of Malaga, Ms. Maria del Mar Vázquez.

Málaga TechPark has different working groups and clusters of companies in strategic technological areas for the park and its surroundings. One of these future technologies is also related to the healthcare sector. Digital disruption is transforming all sectors, and health is no stranger to this reality. Therefore, it is necessary to advance in a strategy towards digital health.

With the creation of this forum, the three institutions constitute a strategic alliance for digital health, highlighting our innovation ecosystem and its commitment to digital transformation. The forum aims to be a collaborative work environment that contributes to the generation of synergies, business and projects of common interest for companies, researchers and doctors.

A representative group of heads of service from the different management units of the Malaga Regional University Hospital participated in the inaugural meeting of the “Digital Health” Forum, as well as the companies located in Málaga TechPark such as Accenture, DEKRA, DXC Tecnología, EY , Garaje de ideas, Idneo, Indra, Ingenia, MSD, Tupl, PwC and Telefónica. All the participants have pooled the needs of the health system detected as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and how the current digital transformation can improve and solve some of the demands raised.