eCity Málaga celebrate its first year with the launch of the circular economy academy at the Málaga TechPark

  • The initiative aims to train Málaga TeckPark companies in this new economic model so that they can apply this knowledge in their working environments.
  • eCityMálaga celebrates its first anniversary with 38 member companies and intending to be the first sustainable urban space with an efficient, 100% renewable and digital circular city model of the future.

eCityMálaga launched today the first academy on circular economy culture in a technology park in Spain, coinciding with its first anniversary. This free training, funded by Endesa and designed and coordinated with Smart City Cluster, will be attended by 25 professionals from the Málaga Tech Park and PCT Cartuja, who will receive up to 30 hours of training on this new sustainable economic model.

This academy is being taught by experts in the field with extensive experience in training and projects related to Sustainability and the Circular Economy. The aim of the workshops, which will be held today, the 6th, 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th of October, is to train attendees so that they can apply the knowledge in their work environments, thus contributing to the objectives of eCityMálaga.

The training is eminently practical and will address key concepts such as circular business models, financing, regulations, eco-design and circular environments, among other topics.

The training programme is based on the “learning by doing” methodology with a series of specific challenges that the students will develop in groups that will help them to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the course. The challenge will be supervised by Smart City Cluster accompanied by experts in the specific areas they are working on.

The training programme includes top-level speakers and experts from public entities such as the University of Málaga, the Andalusian Regional Government, Málaga TechPark, FUNDECYT Extremadura Science and Technology Park and Málaga City Council, and private entities such as Endesa, Consentino, Ciconia Consultores Ambientales, Verdes Digitales, Entomo Agroindustrial, Enviroo, Circularise, Incotec, Solo, 3Dalia, TDK, Ecogestión and Unicaja.

The eCityMálaga Circular Economy Academy is taking place in the Pepe Pérez Palmis building (formerly The Green Lemon) of Málaga TechPark.

 One year of eCityMálaga

 In September 2021, Endesa, Málaga TechPark and Málaga City Council launched the eCityMálaga project, to make the park the first urban space to apply the criteria of the circular cities of the future, responding to the challenges posed by the Sustainable Development Goals and making this leading space in technological innovation also a benchmark in sustainability by 2027, and anticipating the climate and energy targets set by the United Nations for the year 2050 by more than two decades.

The eCityMálaga project aims to turn Málaga TechPark into the first sustainable urban space with an efficient, 100% renewable and digital circular city model of the future.

The eCityMálaga project currently has 38 companies as members, representing all the strategic sectors of the Málaga economy in its different aspects: Ihman, Iredd Telecomunicaciones SL, Soluciones de Movilidad Especiales SL PARK4DIS, Tupl Spain, Grupo Premo, Go hub SL, Opplus, Premier II, FCC, Secalflor, Tedial, Microambiental, Smart City Cluster, IN&AR Infrastructure Engineering SL, Consultoría de Sistemas y Red, SL, Bionand-Ibima and Métrica6 Ingeniería y Desarrollo SL, are the new incorporations, which join Ubora Autoconsumo SL, Bic Euronova SA, Talan Consulting España, Inovalis Málaga Propco Spain SL, ROJOmandarina S. COOP AND, Centro Andaluz de Investigaciones del Agua, Fund. Privada; Instalvia Telecomunicaciones SL (Viatek Group), TDK Electron Electronics Components SAU, Apogea Consultores SL, Torsa Global SL, Vision Innovation Diversion SL (VID Group), Accenture SLU, LDA Audio Vídeo Profesional SL, Aeorum España SL, San José Constructora SA, Inerttia Business Solutions SL, Construcciones y Servicios Generales Fearral SL, Dekra, Bettergy, Lynka and Editecnia.