Málaga TechPark and British Chamber organize an online conference about the 5G state-of-the-art technology

5G Powering Today and Tomorrow
Leading companies located in Málaga TechPark share cutting edge 5G projects they are working on.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain and Málaga TechPark have developed this Wednesday a webinar on the state of 5G technology in Spain and the UK. This event (‘5G Powering Today and Tomorrow’) has focused on the innovation ecosystem launched in Málaga TechPark around this and other disruptive technologies.

Derek A. Langley, regional vice-president in Andalusia of the British Chamber of Commerce, and Felipe Romera, director of Málaga TechPark, opened the session highlighting the importance of giving visibility to the state of the art in the field of 5G for the generation of opportunities for technological and business collaboration between the two countries. The event was also attended by Rogelio Velasco, Andalusian Minister of Economy and President of Málaga TechPark; Hugh Elliott, the UK Ambassador to Spain; and Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Málaga.

Felipe Romera highlighted the value of initiatives such as the recent ‘Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation (InnovaIRV)’, which will contribute to the creation of an ecosystem with an innovation platform for digital technologies, such as 5G.

This was followed by a virtual round table discussion, moderated by José Manuel Suaña, Innovation and IT Manager at Grant Thornton. The panel served to learn about the experience of companies working on pioneering 5G developments within the new experimental network set up in Malaga TechPark, for applications in the connected car, ehealth, smart cities or the aerospace sector, among other use cases.

Juan Ramiro (Ericsson), Fernando Hardasmal (DEKRA), Joaquín Torrecilla (Keysight Technologies) and Rafael Alcaide (Vodafone) as well as Mike Short CBE, Chief Scientific Adviser for the UK Department for International Trade, participated in the round table.

The Institutional Closure has been made by the British Ambassador, Hugh Elliott, and the Andalusian Minister of Economy, Rogelio Velasco. Velasco stressed that Malaga is “a promising example of cooperation between private companies and the public sector to test the capabilities of 5G”. In his opinion, Málaga TechPark constitutes one of the most important innovation ecosystems in Spain, with 60 foreign companies, which represent 35% of the total employment in the park and have professionals of more than 30 nationalities. “It is also an ecosystem of digital talent in which about 10,000 people are working on digital technologies,” he added.