Málaga TechPark participates in the cycle ‘Web meetings for SMEs’ in collaboration with the Misiones Technology Park in Argentina

Málaga TechPark intervened by initiating the conferences of the University of Málaga, the company Conecta Turismo and the ASIT Association, both located in the technopolis.

The Misiones Technology Park (PTMi) recently held the new online cycle of “Web meetings for SMEs: approaches for new contexts” in collaboration with Málaga TechPark. It is an activity aimed at leaders, mentors, professionals and entrepreneurs in tools for new business scenarios. The meetings have been organized by the Argentine technology park through the Webex platform, as a sign of its clear commitment to the knowledge industry.

José Antonio Flores, General Manager & CEO of Conecta Turismo, a company specialized in tourism technology and consulting located in Málaga TechPark, participated in the conference “International Trade – Fair Trade” telling about his experience in this field.

‘How to think about business ideas with social impact’ was the title of the following conference held on December 2. Tomás Pérez Benz, Director of the Association at the Service of Research and Technology ASIT, based in Malaga TechPark, participated in this conference. This entity has been promoting and developing projects and activities related to technology and social innovation for almost 30 years, especially in the fields of employment, training and youth and digital training.

Víctor Muñoz spoke on behalf of the University of Malaga at the last conference of the year ‘Patent Case Studies in collaboration with companies from the university level’. Victor Muñoz is a professor at the University of Malaga in the area of Systems and Automation Engineering and has a long experience at the University of Malaga, highlighting his positions as Director of Technology Transfer and Vice-Rector for Strategic Projects.

This activity, which took place during the months of November and December, has been very welcome. Málaga TechPark plans to continue the collaboration with the Misiones Technology Park, resuming the conference cycle in January 2021 with new topics.