OPPLUS starts the return of workers to its PTA headquarters


The company OPPLUS, based at the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA), is preparing the return of its workers to its headquarters under all necessary health security measures recommended by the authorities.

OPPLUS has prepared a de-escalation plan so that the return of the staff can take place gradually and safely. The reincorporation is scheduled to begin on July 6 and will be completed in the second half of September. This long period is designed to facilitate the work-family balance during these summer months.

In order to ensure that this return to work is safe and orderly, the company has established a plan in which rigorous measures have been applied, including the disinfection and cleaning of all the facilities and rules of social distancing (1.5 m). This plan also provides additional measures for entrance and exit areas, and those areas of common use in order to avoid crowding.

For OPPLUS, the priority is still to guarantee the health of its workers, so that those in special personal circumstances can continue to telecommute.