RedZinc announces the opening of a new office in Malaga TechPark to serve its expansion in Spain

  • The company has settled in The Green Ray space, jointly managed by Málaga TechhPark and the UMA, located in the extension of the Teatinos university campus.

The Irish telecommunications company specialized in digital health and security, RedZinc, announces the opening of a new TechPark office in Malaga to serve its expansion in Spain.

RedZinc was founded in 2004 in Dublin, collaborating from its first pilots with Spanish companies. The company has just opened a new office in the Malaga technopolis due to the great demand for its BlueEye Handsfree cameras in the Spanish market.

Among its most recognized strategic solutions, according to the analysis of the Spanish market, the telemedicine platform stands out, the text message through which an instantaneous geolocated call is established and its portable video cameras in real time that operate both in 4G and in 5G.

Its first major telemedicine project focused on Network Service Quality was developed with Telefónica S.A. Recently, it participates in a project with Telefónica called 5GEx aimed at defining the back-end infrastructure for software-defined networks (SDN) and virtualized applications. This project, led by Ericsson, was born from a pilot that arose as a result of close collaboration with the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M), where Telefónica and other European operators jointly developed a control plane orchestration solution for the economic differentiation of traffic. Additionally, through another EU 5GinFIRE project, they were able to scale-test 5G video routers on Telefónica’s 5G test infrastructure at UC3M in Madrid.

RedZinc works with the University of Malaga, where the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering will have portable 5G real-time video cameras, after having successfully passed different case studies and simulations where they students could learn from anywhere in the world.

Together with Dekra S.A. and the University of Malaga in the 5G TRIANGLE project, RedZinc evaluated the quality of experience of new mobile applications such as the BlueEye video service, designed to operate in future 5G mobile broadband networks. RedZinc technology also enables service providers to deliver and charge for applications that require prioritization of data on the public Internet with QoS (Quality of Service).

Currently, RedZinc is part of two European macro-projects, 5G-EPICENTRE led by Airbus Security and Malaga Univertsity and Malaga4DigitalHealth, made up of more than twenty companies in the digital health sector.

RedZinc offers 3 different video solutions on the BlueEye Telemedicine cloud platform:

  • BlueEye Clinic is a video conferencing solution targeted at hospitals and clinics with an integrated payment gateway for paying private sectors and without payment gateway for public sectors. Link here
  • BlueEye Handsfree is a portable, real-time video camera mounted on the head. It can be used for paramedics, for mobile healthcare professionals and for training. Link here
  • BlueEye First is for emergency centres and paramedics. It is an  automated-scheduled-geolocated video consultation enabled via an easy to use text message. Link here

The set of alternatives offered by RedZinc is used by European countries such as Sweden, United Kingdom, Holland, Finland, Ireland, Germany, in short, countries that are committed to having real-time video tools that comply with all advanced security standards Completing the parameters that the Data Protection Law regulates.