Rindus Technology celebrates 5 years in Malaga TechPark

  • The company has grown from 25 employees in 2017 to 151 today.

The company Rindus Technology celebrates its 5th anniversary today in Malaga TechPark with many of the objectives it set in 2017 fulfilled. This company won in 2017 its first client, a team of five members, working for Douglas, the German Beauty-Retailer. “We opened our office with two rooms in the Habitec Building. When we reached 15 employees in just a few months, we were able to hire an office manager for rindus in Malaga,” the company says. 

Rindus has decided to locate all key functions in Malaga, with the exception of sales, marketing and finance (these are carried out from Germany). In April 2018, one year after the start-up, they were finally able to welcome the second customer (Sonnen) and thus demonstrate that they were becoming a stable company. “Technically, we achieved something completely different than with the first customer, so we were also able to demonstrate that Rindus is more than a technology company. Rather, it is a company of people for people. Rindus finds the talents who have the right training, knowledge and experience for virtually all tasks and challenges of its customers,” they explain.

In the following years, they gained a total of nine more clients with a wide variety of tasks and challenges. In addition, they were able to welcome as employees in Malaga people from almost 20 nations, with the most diverse skills and experiences.

The company has grown from 25 employees in 2017 to 151 today.

Challenges for the following years

At Rindus they do not set quantitative targets and assure that growth should not jeopardise their core values: “We want to maintain our spirit of togetherness, community, trust and freedom. We will continue to grow in two locations (Malaga and Valencia, where we will open our second office in spring 2022). We want to continue to attract people who want to reach their full potential, who want to develop themselves further by doing what they really enjoy, what fulfills them, what excites them. We inspire people to grow!”

Useful information

Rindus opened its first two offices in the Habitec building in 2017. That summer they celebrated the ‘First Summer Festival’ (in Spanish ‘Primer festival de verano’) with a cruise in the Bay of Malaga. In October the office manager joined the company.

In April 2019, that is two years later, they celebrated their second anniversary and moved the German headquarters from Hamburg to Munich in February 2020.  

In March 2020 they temporarily closed the Malaga TechPark office and continued to work remotely, a challenge for Rindus, as this company is based on people themselves and seeks to be close to its teams.

By the end of 2020, the company had maintained financial equilibrium and virtually the same number of employees as when the pandemic began.

In April 2021 they managed to reach the 100th software developer recruitment. Therefore, they specialised and expanded the team of people and culture by 16 members in the summer of 2021, launched the possibility of hiring Non-EU-citizens with accelerated procedure in Malaga. Last year they closed with 79 new members in the Rindus family.

Rolf C. Zipf, CEO of Rindus, explains: “Rindus is an unusual company: all our customers need software and, ultimately, world-class technology is always the result of our work. However, to achieve that, we are concentrating on something completely different: people. Rindus is passionate about people. As they are, in their individuality, in their wholeness, with their strengths and weaknesses. We want to accompany people to do what is fulfilling for them, the way they imagine it. Not following any superfluous process or structure, but following their inner voice”.

“We stand for strong values: freedom and responsibility, participation and trust are at the core of our actions and thoughts. We want to achieve and celebrate success together, as a team, as a family, where we are there for each other, learning from each other and helping each other. In the fast-paced world of technology, this is what sets us apart. Because we are convinced that this is what people are looking for: meaning and fulfilment. We design this quest successfully with each and every member of our team. Every day,” he concludes.

As a matter of curiosity

Most members of the Rindus team play a musical instrument, or at least love music. It seems that Rindus attracts people who are in touch with themselves, and music is (also) suitable for that. The company says that “Rindus people love to celebrate, to enjoy the moment, which is not difficult when they are allowed to do what they love every day – and grow from it”.

About Rindus

Rindus Technology is dedicated to helping companies build software development teams. Rindus recruits leading technology experts from around the world and hires them to be part of its partners’ business for the long term.

All software development teams of the company’s partners are based at the Malaga TechPark offices, where all the administrative side is handled. The company provides all aspects of ‘recruitment based on demand’, such as identifying, approaching and engaging with outstanding team members internationally and through active search and other sophisticated and high quality talent acquisition tools and practices.

Rindus also provides comprehensive staff administration services, such as payroll processing, holiday and sick leave management, workplace safety, medical review and compliance with employment legislation and GDPR. Moreover, they offer a professional workspace, including the management of all hardware and licences, office (or home) facilities, such as physical or virtual meeting rooms, and the management of all other work-related requirements.