Science and technology parks propose “collaboration + digitization” as a vaccine for economic recovery

Spanish science and technology parks have participated in Transfiere 2021 to highlight the importance of joining efforts among all the intermediate organisms of the innovation system to contribute with greater impact to the economic recovery of the country and highlight the role that digitization will play in this objective.

The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE), based in Malaga TechPark, ends its participation as the driving entity of a 10th edition of Foro Transfiere very special to be held in person in a context marked by innovation processes in all areas, particularly in global health.

Among the activities in which the science and technology parks that participated in this edition of the forum was the round table on successful cases of knowledge transfer in science and technology parks in which we were able to learn about the transfer model of four science and technology parks members of APTE that promote innovation and collaboration in their respective environments.

This round table was moderated by Felipe Romera, CEO of Málaga TechPark and president of APTE, and included Pilar Gil, General Manager of the Madrid Science Park; Amaia Bernarás, Manager of the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa; Francisco Pizarro, Director of Business Development of Fundecyt-PCTEX and Ana Agudo, Manager of the Health Technology Park.

For her part, Soledad Díaz, manager of APTE, took part in the round table of the Network of Intermediate Organisms of the Innovation System of Transfiere 360º in which the first project of this Network was presented: Cybersecure Spain, an initiative to considerably increase the level of preparation of Spanish companies in the face of cybernetic attacks.

APTE is part of this Network together with 4 other networks: the Association of Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Digital Content and Services Companies (AMETIC), the Spanish Federation of Innovative Business Groups and Clusters (FENAEIC), the National Association of Spanish CEEIS (ANCES) and the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (FEDIT), all of them under the umbrella of the online edition of Transfiere (Transfiere 360º).