Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation (InnovaIRV) presented at Transfiere

The innovation center promoted by the Málaga TechPark Execs club honors with this name the Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering from Málaga, an expert in electromagnetism.

The Innovation Center, Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation (InnovaIRV), presented last week in Malaga during the celebration of the Transfiere 2021 forum, receives this name as a tribute to the Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering of the same name from Malaga. The main companies of Málaga TechPark, as well as the Junta de Andalucía, the City Council of Málaga, the University of Málaga and the technopolis itself, among other institutions, have expressed their intention to join this technology transfer initiative.

Ricardo del Valle, founder of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Telecomunicaciones de Barcelona and expert in electromagnetism, is considered a mind ahead of his time who had the vision to articulate the training in the most prestigious universities in the world, such as MIT or Carnegie Mellon of the most brilliant students of Telecommunications Engineering in Spain. His legacy lives on in the training of some of the most illustrious academics, entrepreneurs, managers and authorities in the world of technology through the creation of mechanisms and institutions that endure. A backbone history of this project, people, technology, progress and international ambition.

The Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation (InnovaIRV) project aims to bring world-class technological innovation to Spanish SMEs with a model inspired by the German Fraunhofer Institute, to gain competitiveness, scale, attract investment and promote the creation of new technology-based companies that aims to reach 1500 million euros of public-private investment with an increase in the value of exports worth 3,000 million and 900 direct jobs and more than 3,000 indirect jobs in related companies.

The initiative aims to create a network of innovation nodes, the first of which will be in Malaga, focused on three areas: the first, microelectronics, a critical field for the entire Spanish industry, as demonstrated by the consequences of the shortage of microcontrollers that has come to paralyze industries such as the automotive industry. The other two will be digital technologies (5G, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and connected vehicles) and applied digital technologies (industry 4.0, aerospace systems and digital health).

This project, which will be articulated as a private-public collaboration consortium aims to support the reindustrialization, growth and strengthening of companies, ensuring their future competitiveness through disruptive innovation, digitization and sustainability.