Spanish science and technology parks come back to promote STEM vocations with a special online show

CYT en femenino
  • The main objective of the Science and Technology initiative for women is to increase the percentage of female students who choose STEM disciplines in secondary education. The 3rd edition of the project involves 18 science and technology parks that are members of the Association of Science Parks of Spain and secondary schools throughout Spain.
  • The first two editions of the project resulted in 9.4% of the girls attending changing their minds and opting for STEM.
  • The PTA joins the activities on October 8th with the participation of the María Victoria Atencia High School from Malaga.


The Science and Technology project for women promoted by the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (generally abbreviated as APTE in Spanish) will return with a 3rd edition this upcoming October 8th. Due to the current situation, the event will be held online, it will start with a great online science and technology show which will be broadcasted from the Technological Park of Galicia – Tecnópole from 9:15 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

The joint presentation event (which will be available through the project website), will begin with a welcome speech by Felipe Romera, APTE president and Andalusia Technology Park director, followed by the presentation of a guide of STEM career opportunities called “What do I want to be when I grow up?” by Soledad Díaz, APTE Managing Director.

The event will continue with a session of experiments, games and curiosities by scientific communicators Patricia Barciela and David Ballesteros, with this session, attendees will discover the reasons for their interest in science and technology.

With a fresh and humorous proposal, the two scientific disseminators will approach the problem of the increase in scientific-technological vocations among girls and the issues that generate a deficit of university students enrolled in these areas. To this end, they will break roles and stereotypes, approach stellar moments in science led by female scientists and perform spectacular experiments.


In addition to this activity, this year the project incorporates 16 new profiles to its exhibition “Women who changed the world” which already brings together 31 outstanding women in the history of science and technology.

Also, the exhibition “Women who change the world” , led by women who currently develop their professional activity linked to science and technology in the environment of the participating science and technology parks, will add 44 new profiles; which will sum a total of 116.


The project also encourages all students to participate in the “Innovative Proposals to the Challenges for Sustainable Development” contest by submitting proposals for actions that science and technology parks can carry out to contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDG) proposed by the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Presentations and workshops

On the other hand, the participating parks will hold other complementary activities during the months of October and November, such as lectures with STEM professionals and online workshops oriented to science and technology.