TestDevLab announced its participation in the Digital Enterprise Show

TestDevLab, leader provider of software QA solutions with an office in Málaga TechPark, announced its participation in the long-awaited Digital Enterprise Show. The event took place from 13 to 15 June at the FYCMA in Málaga, Spain.

TestDevLab is known for its expertise in software testing and quality assurance, helping organisations to provide high performance, reliable and easy-to-use software solutions. TestDevLab showed its capability for innovation in audio & video quality testing in the Digital Enterprise Show and it presented Loadero, a load testing service for web applications. 

As platforms and digital applications keep evolving, ensuring excellent audio/video quality has become an important aspect for all companies in different sectors. TestDevLab’s team of software quality experts presented their audio & video quality testing services, which include an in-depth analysis, monitoring and optimization of the audio & video components of software applications. With the help of TestDevLab’s services, organisations can provide their users with crystal-clear, flawless and reliable audio and video experiences.

Furthermore, TestDevLab presented Loadero, its star service of load testing designed to simulate real user scenarios and enable companies to assess their web applications performance, scalability and stability under heavy loads. With its intuitive interface, multiplatform browser and device support, and its comprehensive test reports, Loadero enables organisations to identify and address performance-related bottlenecks, ensuring that their applications can cope with high user demands.

“We are delighted to participate in the Digital Enterprise Show and share our expertise in audio and video quality testing as well as showing Loadero, our product for load testing”, said Santiago Luis Criado Ros, Business Development Manager at TestDevLab. “In the current digital scenario, ensuring that software applications perform perfectly, especially in terms of audio/video quality and scalability, is critical to business success. We look forward to collaborating with professionals of the sector, sharing our knowledge and helping organisations provide excellent software experiences.” 

Digital Enterprise Show attendees could visit TestDevLab booth No. 1A109 in Building 1 to meet with their software quality experts, discuss their specific testing needs and explore how TestDevLab’s services and solutions can add value to their business.


About TestDevLab

TestDevLab is a leader provider of software QA solutions, specialised in testing and ensuring the performance, reliability and the ease of use of software applications. With a team of qualified professionals and a portfolio of innovative testing tools, TestDevLab enables companies to provide high-quality software solutions and improve the overall user experience.