The Andalusia Technology Park highlights in Greencities the benefits of Circular Economy for SMEs

PTA | Greencities

Greencities, Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability, takes place this week in Malaga. The Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga hosts on 30th September and 1st October the most important event about smart cities in Spain.

During the first day, the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA) has participated in the Circular Economy Forum. Sonia Palomo, Deputy Director of Technology Transfer and International Relations at the #PTA, has been the moderator of a pannel about Requirements for circularity: How, the design, production, distribution and lifecyle of products and services should be, so that the processes carried out by
companies become simpler and provide better added value to the following steps, such as reuse.

This Circular Economy Forum analyzes theb projects and initiatives that are promoting this model and leading to a new economic and social model. All the actions that companies, researchers, public administrations and entrepreneurs are taking to optimize resources and materials have a place here. One of them is ‘Recycling Business Models’, a European project that aims to create a methodology and a strategy for the revaluation of waste, resources and its reincorporation into the product life-cycle management of companies based in the parks. This project is  coordinated by the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA), together with the Alentejo (Portugal) and STP’s of Johanneberg (Sweden). In fact, a representative of the Swedish park participated online in the discussion pannel: Björn Westling, Director SME Relations at the Johanneberg Science Park.